Visit your child studying abroad!

Do you have a child studying abroad? Don’t let them have all the fun!


Many of our clients come to us and say ‘I want to visit my child studying abroad for an Australia or New Zealand vacation.’  They feel that it is a once in a lifetime chance.  Most clients come to us with no idea where to start or how to plan their trip.  That is where the expertise of a travel company can be very helpful.  We will handcraft a customized itinerary, offering your family a meaningful experience based on the locales where you child studying abroad is staying, as well as to other destinations should you wish to extend the trip.

Find more ideas for Australia and New Zealand destinations.

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Our team is intimately familiar with the locations we recommend because we personally visit each spot on a regular basis.  This allows all of our travelers the opportunity to expand their overall knowledge about a country and lead to an unforgettable experience.

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