Aussie Outback Experience in Queensland Australia

When you think of Queensland Australia, typically the first thing to come to mind is the beach, Great Barrier Reef or even the Daintree Rainforest. However, did you know that you can get an authentic Aussie outback experience here too?

Nestled in the shadow of Ngarrabullgan, an impressive tabletop mountain ten times the size of Uluru, Mount Mulligan Lodge is a luxury outback retreat surrounded by red dirt and eucalypt woodlands, 150km northwest of Cairns.

The 2.5 hour 4WD drive from Cairns that took us into and beyond the rainforest, past small country towns in the tablelands and onwards into the North Queensland back-country.

Nearing the end of the journey, as we drove up a small hill and pulled off the road, the breathtaking view of Mount Mulligan was revealed in all its glory, its 18km sandstone escarpment rising from the bushland. The mountain has held a strong indigenous significance for the local Djungan people for thousands of years, well before early settlers arrived to name it Mount Mulligan.

With champagne in hand, we are guided from the main pavilion to our suite where an itinerary of unique experiences awaits. Situated on 28,000 hectares, Mount Mulligan has an array of signature and bespoke experiences that showcase the captivating landscape, seclusion, and rich history of the heritage property. Still operating as a working cattle station, mobs of cattle are often spotted around the lodge and amongst the historical sites dotted around the property. Guided exploration of the abandoned Mount Mulligan township is encouraged, with the old cemetery, coal mine, hospital, and chimney stacks to be discovered.

In the evenings, the fire pit with a view of Ngarrabullgan puts a luxurious spin on a traditional outback campfire. And for our 1st evening, we drove our private golf buggy up to the sunset pavilion to enjoy a pre dinner snack with views of the sunset.

Meals are served in the main lodge overlooking the still water of the weir, where you watch water birds skip across lily pads, while cockatoos rest in the paperbarks. Or a background of singing cicadas and a gentle rustle of eucalypt leaves as the end of the day approaches.

It truly showcases so much of the Aussie bushland beauty and I can’t wait to return. If you want to know more please reach out to me on 312 951 8517 and I would love to chat to you!