Heritage and Culture

Experience a culture 20,000 years in the making or one with only two decades of freedom. Let Down Under Endeavours take you past the kitsch to the authentic and unforgettable on memorable heritage and culture vacation. Voyage deep into Kakadu National Park to see the world’s oldest paintings at Nouralangie rock. Sit down for kava with a Fijian tribal king or home made beer with a Zulu witch-doctor. Meet modern Maori carvers applying ancient techniques to contemporary topics. Stand quiet and humbled in the prison cell that once held Nelson Mandela.  Journey to a local vanilla farm in Taha’a to learn about how 95% of the world’s vanilla is made.  Or travel to a local Masai village in Kenya to meet the children.

Down Under Endeavours handcrafts luxury vacations designed around your wants, needs, timeframe and budget. To get a taste of what’s possible, check out these sample heritage and culture itineraries. Have a look, see what catches your eye, then chat to the Down Under team to custom-create your itinerary. Occasionally, we offer traditional “package” vacations focused on a special event. But those are the exception, not the rule. The heritage and culture itinerary of your trip of your lifetime will be unique to you.