Sustainable Travel

Down Under Endeavours is committed to sustainable travel that creates life-changing moments. We take pride in crafting unforgettable vacations for each and every client, and we never compromise on quality or safety.

Each Down Under Endeavours holiday comes with unrivaled expertise, VIP service, and special touches designed to surprise and delight. In addition, we choose partners who give back in meaningful ways—so you can experience the wonders of the South Pacific and make a positive impact for generations to come.

Diving amongst colorful corals in the Great Barrier Reef

We only select eco-certified companies for your snorkeling or diving excursion on the Great Barrier Reef.

Good for the World

When you travel responsibly, you create positive change.  Our partners “Down Under” each contribute differently, but typically, your funds go toward…

Environmental Conservation
Each tour booked with the right operator helps fund wildlife research, coral reef restoration, and habitat regeneration to name a few. Our partners are pioneering protectors of unique environments and wildlife in the South Pacific.

We choose tourism providers that go the extra mile to make their properties and tours sustainable. Many companies offer experiences during your stay or tour where you can witness the extraordinary ways they’re lightening their environmental footprints.

Behind the scenes, our partners in the South Pacific, through conservation and tourism sectors, offer interactive experiences for you to contribute to environmental regeneration and support local communities.We are always discovering more organizations on our travels, and we’ll work them into your itinerary whenever possible.

Wild koala outside of Melbourne - Echidna Walkabout wildlife toursThe Clancy Foundation supporting Wild Koalas – just one of the special conservation projects you can participate in with us.

Good for You

When you’re exploring the South Pacific’s unique—and extremely vulnerable—environments, sustainability and luxury go hand in hand. 

Truly “Wild” Wildlife Encounters
Explore pristine, uninterrupted wilderness with only a handful of other guests. Get up close to endangered Kiwis or Tassie Devils.  Swim with humpback whales or enjoy a sundowner in a paddock filled with kangaroos. The experience is infinitely heightened by the knowledge that only a few lucky travelers are witnessing these special moments.

White Glove Service
Our partners in the South Pacific are committed to doing things the right way—whether that means using sustainable building materials or going above and beyond to make your stay unforgettable. We vet each property and tour company to ensure the experience is up to the highest standards.

Selfie with a Quokka in Western Australia

Visit Rottnest Island to see these little buggers and your visit goes to support conversation activities for the wildlife and marine life.


What We Don’t Do

Down Under Endeavours does not book any other wildlife interactions that are harmful to the animals. We do offer several ethical ways to get up close and personal with koalas, kiwis birds, kangaroos, dolphins, whales to name a few!

Visit Kangaroo Island to see these gorgeous Roos in their natural habitat.