Top 5 Reasons to visit Blackberry Mountain on your next holiday

After returning from our first family holiday at Blackberry Mountain, I can say I feel totally refreshed. And here’s why:

5. Location, location, location
Blackberry is well located within close proximity to the East Coast, Midwest, or South. An easy 1.5-hour Chicago to Knoxville flight plus a 40-minute drive into the mountains, and you have arrived for a week of bliss. Want to add more time to your trip? Drive 2.5 hours to Asheville to explore the breweries, Biltmore, and art galleries for a few days.

4. Dining experience
Blackberry is known for its fine, farm-fresh food. Yet, I found it to be very approachable. They have curated a casual environment where you can enjoy a good time with your friends and family over a fine glass of wine made solely for Blackberry guests. But don’t forget you are at the top of a mountain and do enjoy an evening(or two!) watching the sky light up into oranges and pinks, best viewed at Firetower restaurant.

3. Activities
The accommodations are absolutely splendid, and the activities are the cherry on top. Often disregarded by a hotel, Blackberry has developed a catalog of various activities to suit every guest’s whim. Start at the spa with a detoxifying body wrap and massage. Then it’s onto hiking at your leisure, fly fishing with experts, ceramics, and pottery to wellness classes; you will find your happy place.

2. Camp Blackberry
But how can you find your happy place when the kids are begging to go to the pool? Enter Camp Blackberry. Available to children four and over (and included in the cost), parents deserve a vacation too. Am I right? Don’t fret if your child is under 4. They can arrange babysitters within your room or at camp for an additional cost.

1. Service
When you sit down for a 4-course meal, your wine and Blanton’s neat arrives, and your 6-month old decides she is tired and needs to be in bed right now. Blackberry to the rescue! Our golf cart was pulled up to the front door, the remainder of our meal was lovingly packed and delivered to our room, and we ate next to the outdoor fireplace. Tip: Order the s’mores kit during your stay! A hit for adults and kids alike.