Benefits of Shoulder Season

The demand for travel has skyrocketed in the last six months. After two years of most of the world being shut down, people are ready to explore! And many have decided that their bucket list trips can’t wait any longer. Those dreams of 4-6 week holidays are being realized.

For places like Australia and New Zealand, November to February (which are considered their summer months) are a wildly popular time to travel. Hotels and touring companies are absolutely at capacity for those months. For that reason, we want to tell you why shoulder season is a better time to travel.

Shoulder season is a cheeky term we use in the travel industry to describe the off-peak times to travel. In the southern hemisphere, those times are March/April/early May and September/October.

Here are some benefits of traveling during those times:

  • You can expect to pay lower prices for hotels and flights.
  • The weather is still generally very good. Places like Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa don’t get the huge fluctuations of temperatures we do in the US.
  • Places will be less crowded, and reservations will be easier to find.
  • You won’t encounter off-season closures in many places.

Start planning now for your trip in the shoulder season in 2023. It’s never too early to plan a dream vacation.