The Perfect Gifts for the Traveler on Your List

G’day mates!  Is there a traveler on your list that seems impossible to shop for?  Or maybe you’re making a list of your own for your upcoming trip and need a little inspiration?  Either way, we at Down Under Endeavours, would like to make it just a little easier on you this holiday season.  Our Luxury Travel Specialists and the rest of the crew have compiled a list of their Top Travel Gifts.  You’re bound to find something for the traveler on your list, whether it’s a fun stocking stuffer like the Carry on Cocktail Kit or something a little more functional like compression socks!



Earplanes help regulate the pesky pressure changes that cause discomfort and clogging in your ears.  They’re soft, comfortable, hypoallergenic and latex free (made from Hypoallergenic Silicone). Plus they’re small and will easily fit in your carry-on.  Travel tip: make sure to include any medications you may need, in your carry-on- this way if your bags don’t make, you don’t have to go a day without them.

Sleep Mask


Relax and get a little shut-eye on that long flight to New Zealand, in style! The Levero luxury sleep mask is handmade with luxurious satin and chenille sourced from Mood fabric store in Midtown Manhattan. Click here for more styles and details or check out the other great travel items at Flight 001.

Noise Canceling Headphones


Nothing is worse than a long flight filled with babies crying or loud people, which is why noise cancelling headphones are a must for everyone at Down Under Endeavours.  If you’re an Apple user, you’ll find these specific headphones to be a real treat!  High-performance noise-isolating earphones and headset delivering best-in-class benefits and perfectly matched to the latest Apple products, click here to learn more.

4-in-1 Universal Travel Adapter 


What’s worse than your shampoo exploding?  Not having the correct adaptor for your techie needs.  Not to worry, this 4-in-1 universal adapter is the perfect stocking stuffer for your traveler. 4 plugs, 1 adapter, 150 countries! It’s color-coded to make it easier for you to find the correct plug for your trip! Another great Flight 001 find, click here for more details.

Compression Socks 


There’s a not-so-secret-secret to travel, socks.  Slip into some comfy socks before takeoff. If you’re on a long-haul flight Compression socks are suggested, these are soft and stretchy and used for reducing leg swelling at high altitudes.  So get comfy, stay cozy, and relax with your kindle or a movie.  For a plethora of stylish compression socks, click here and discover what REI has to offer!



Have you left your iPad in the terminal? Know someone who constantly misplaces their keys?  Well, there’s this new lovely gadget called Tile.  It’s a tiny Bluetooth tracker that helps you find your stuff in seconds.  Attach, stick, or place Tiles on your important items and keep track of them easy peasy.  You can Ring lost items, just like you’d call a lost phone.  The app also automatically records the last time and place it saw your item, so you’ll know where to look first!  But don’t just take our word for it, watch the video.

Kaehler Luggage


Anybody in search of some new luggage?  How about an eye-catching and utilitarian carry-on?  Kaehler is one of our favorite luggage providers and happens to be a partner of ours.  The best part?  Their high-quality leather goods and other products are all made in Chicago!  So support a local business this holiday season and give the gift of gorgeous luggage.

Seat Pack


Purses can be quite cumbersome and often turn into the never ending pit of “Where did my phone go?”  Flight 001 has you covered, again, with their exclusive Seat Pak.  This handy little clutch will keep you organized from takeoff to landing, with a place for anything you may need.  So, don’t worry about losing anything and let your flight to Australia begin!

Large Scarf (for extra warmth)


A must-have for any traveler is a big comfy scarf.  This will not only keep you stylish but also warm, and can double as a blanket.  So stay cozy and glamorous on your next jetsetter adventure.  Need a little scarf inspiration check out Conde Nast’s fun and exciting list of scarves that will make you want to travel the world, here.

Carry On Cocktail Kit


Another great stocking stuffer for any traveler is the Carry On Cocktail Kit from Gray Malin.  This handy little kit includes the tools to mix 2 “sprinkle” vodka & tonics mid-flight- all you need is to add the hard stuff.  Not into vodka martinis or sprinkles? Have no fear!  They have a few scrumptious cocktail kit options.

We hope this list helps you in finding some great gifts for the traveler in your life, or maybe adding to your own Christmas list!  Happy Holidays from Down Under Endeavours! Start planning your next adventure today and give us a call at 312-951-8517, or click here to check out our luxury handcrafted itineraries.