Adventurous Australia: What’s on your bucket-list?

This week we’re taking a walk on the wild side and checking off those adventurous bucket list must-do’s in Australia!  From ocean rafting to skydiving and even camel rides, there’s so much to discover and get that adrenaline pumping.

Ocean Rafting – Arlie Beach

Get ready for a fast and exhilerating ride! Ocean Rafting is the only Whitsundays tour with direct access to the iconic Hill Inlet Beach as well as special snorkel sites at Hook Island and Bordern Island.  If you’d like to learn more about the Whitsundays, click

White Water Rafting – Mission Beach

5 hours of pumping fun in Grade 3 & 4 white water rapids are just what the doctor ordered, if you’re an adrenaline junkie.  Check out some of our favorite adventure-filled vacations

Surfing – Byron Bay

Whether you’re a complete newb or a seasoned surfer, you’ll find Byron Bay is the perfect spot to catch some waves.  If you’re looking for lessons, we’ve got you covered.  One of our favorite surf schools, Let’s Go Surfing, happens to be located here.  Not only are they talented surfers, but great teachers making surfing fun!

Skydiving –  Mission Beach

Looking for a thrilling adventure to add to your Australian getaway? Any adrenaline junkie will tell you that skydiving is a must!  Mission Beach is one of the top spots for skydiving, offering Australia’s highest jump (up to 14,000 feet!) with amazing views of the Great Barrier Reef, islands, and rainforest on your way down!  This is not for the faint of heart!sm-thurs-17-aug-skydiving-shute-harbour-whitsundays-900x600

Maria Island Walk – Tasmania

If something a little less adrenaline pumping while full of exploration sounds good to you, then the Maria Island Walk is where you want to be.  Watch this wonderful video from our friends at Maria Island Walk and discover the natural beauty found in Tasmania.

Scuba Diving – Great Barrier Reef

Grab your flippers and air tank, it’s time for some deep sea adventuring!  What better place to scuba dive than the Great Barrier Reef?  Australia has loads of amazing scuba sites.  Need a little inspiration?  Check out one of our favorite scuba itineraries here.  Or talk to Shannon, one of our travel specialists and a certified diver, and hear about her first-hand diving adventures!sm-fri-17-aug-sbuba-diving-heron-island-900x600

4WD – Fraser Island

What better way to explore an island than by 4WD?  Fraser Island has loads of amazing spots to explore, from Rainforest to Seventy Five Mile Beach.  What are you waiting for?!sm-sat-17-aug-4wd-rainforest-fraser-island-900x600

Camel Rides – Cable Beach

Whether it’s an early morning to catch the sunrise or pre-susnet to sunset, touring the iconic Cable Beach on camel back is an unforgettable experience and a must-do on any bucket-list!

I don’t know about you, but my adrenaline has spiked just reading about these awesome Aussie adventures!  Start planning and give our travel specialists a call today 312-951-8517, or check out our other amazing destinations here.