Ayse Ucarkus

Executive Assistant

Australia New Zealand Travel Agency - Ayse Ucarkus - Travel Agents

My Story
My passion has always been travel, whether it’s planning trips for myself or giving advice on the places I’ve visited, but it was merely a personal passion before I joined DUE. I’ve held management roles in all kinds of fields: finance, sales, customer service, construction, you name it.

I came to Chicago from Sydney in 2012. Then in 2015, I decided I’d been away from home long enough; I took a year off to return to Sydney, reconnect with family and friends, and do some traveling. Now I’m back in Chicago and working as an Executive Assistant here at Down Under Endeavours. I feel so fortunate to have landed a job with a company that loves travel as much as I do!

My Style of Travel
My travel style is fairly adventurous. I’ve been skydiving a handful of times and recently checked bungee jumping off my list! I like to explore like a local and find great spots that most tourists wouldn’t know about, which is why I love making friends with locals on my travels.

Favorite Destinations
At the risk of sounding a little biased, I’m going to have to go with my AUSTRALIA! I love to go in December/January, when it’s snowing in Chicago but beach and holiday season in Oz. Some of my favorite moments in Australia have been flying over Heart Reef, wine tasting in the Hunter Valley, hiking in the Blue Mountains, eating my way through Melbourne, and hiring a 4WD and driving through the rainforest in Fraser Island surrounded by dingoes.

When I’m Not Traveling, I…
Love being active (I’m still an Aussie girl at heart, after all)! I enjoy the great outdoors and riding my bike along the lake trail.