New Zealand Fiordland – Milford Sound vs Doubtful Sound

When traveling to New Zealand, you may debate on which destination to travel too; both Milford Sound and Doubtful Sound are breathtaking spots and we’ve broken down the perks of traveling to either! Although both are fjords on the southeast coast of New Zealand, Milford Sound is the more famous of the two destinations. That being said, both locations are respectfully visited by many and offer great scenery and experience. Both are located within the Fiordland National Park, which is relatively remote.

RJ103 Wilderness Cruises Doubtful Sound

Milford Sound

  • Is easily accessed by Milford road
  • Coach tours run almost daily to Milford Sound from both Queenstown and Te Anau (5 hours from Queenstown)
  • Enjoy a cruise, and an overnight one at that, to take in the beauties of Mildford Sound
  • Home to the famous Mitre Peak

Doubtful Sound

  • No direct road access
  • Enjoy a cruise, overnight options are available as well!
  • Unlike Milford Sound, Doubtful Sound is less-popular and in return offers some more inclusivity when exploring
  • Doubtful Sound is considered larger than Milford Sound, with similar views
  • Animals like sea birds, penguins, and fur seals are common

Overall, both locations are stunning and offer similar experiences. If you are looking for the popularity of Mitre Peak, Milford Sound may be the destination for you. Where as Doubtful Sound is not as tourist-packed yet offers similar views.

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