Pure Pods New Zealand: Isolation on the Banks Peninsula

Pure Pods are one of New Zealand’s hot new travel trends. If you want to drop entirely off the grid for a few days and truly immerse yourself in some of New Zealand’s spectacular wilderness, the Pure Pod experience might be perfect for you!

Uninterrupted Views of the Night Sky at the Pōhue PurePod
Located in remote wilderness regions, the PurePods have gorgeous views of the night sky. Image courtesy of PurePods

A highlight of my most recent trip to New Zealand was spending a couple of nights in a Pure Pod located on a remote farm about an hour and a half’s drive from Christchurch. This region is filled with stunning mountains and cliffs jutting up out of brilliant blue harbors.

In Akaroa, one of the livelier towns, you can swim with Hector’s dolphins—the smallest dolphins in the world. Akaroa is also a cute little French-inspired village with lovely cafes and shops. That being said, it’s still a bit of a hike to get there.

Stunning Views of Banks Peninsula - Pure Pods New Zealand
Views of Port Levy in the Banks Peninsula from our Pōhue PurePod

Pōhue PurePod Experience: Off the Grid

The Pōhue PurePod is located on the lovely Banks Peninsula. Self-driving is the only option, as there are no transfers in this remote location. Once your booking is confirmed, you are given directions to the secret PurePod location, the code to the gate, and instructions to find your pod.

For us, it was about a mile hike uphill through farmland to access the pod from the parking area. It was a stunning walk with lots of sheep to entertain us along the way. (Unfortunately, it rained heavily on our departure day, which made the trek back less fun.)

Pure Pods New Zealand - Exterior of Pōhue PurePod
The outside of our PurePod

The Pōhue PurePod is beautifully appointed and is about the size of a standard hotel room, with large sliding glass doors and see-through ceilings and floors, so you really feel immersed in nature. It also has a hot, high-pressure shower, flushable toilets, and a functional kitchenette. Basically, all the comforts of home, but in the middle of nowhere! Our only company was the local sheep.

We opted for the breakfast and dinner option, so we were fully stocked up when we arrived (except for the wine we had to cart up the hill). There were also board games to pass the time, star charts to study the stars, and local guides to learn more about the area.

Playing Cards While the Local Sheep Look On
Can you see the sheep watching us through the window?

Dining in Pure Pods New Zealand
Breakfast and dinner for our stay were provided on arrival.

While this experience is exceptional, it’s certainly not for everyone. The mile hike uphill doesn’t make Pōhue PurePod the most accessible place (there are other Pure Pods in New Zealand that are more accessible), and there is no one around to serve you—unless you have a doting partner. The wifi/cell phone situation is also non-existent. But for those who want to drop out and disconnect, it is divine.

View from Bed at the Pōhue PurePod
View from the bed. Image courtesy of PurePods

Morning Coffee at the Pōhue PurePod
Morning coffee on the porch. Image courtesy of PurePods

The best part is there are multiple Pure Pod locations throughout the Christchurch & Canterbury region of New Zealand; they all have the same concept but offer different scenery in which to immerse yourself. You can stay in multiple Pure Pods throughout your trip or choose to pepper them in with more standard accommodation.

Want to learn more about Pure Pods New Zealand? Call me at (888) 229-0082 (ask for Candice) or at checkel@downunderendeavours.com!