How to plan an accessible dream vacation?

Travel can be about seeking adventure, relaxation, cultural insight, or just to disconnect from your daily life. No matter the reason you travel, travel should be accessible to everyone, and it is no secret that planning a trip can be an overwhelming task to handle on your own. It can be an even more daunting task if you have accessibility needs. We want to encourage everyone to travel to experience this wonderful world, and here is how we can help you plan an accessible vacation.

Here are the steps that we take to ensure all of your accessibility needs are met for every trip. While we are certainly not experts in accessibility, we are experts in assisting you in selecting the most appropriate destinations and activities to meet your needs.

Down Under Endeavours handcrafts dream vacations to some of the most exotic and exciting places in the world. We seek authentic experience on the road less traveled and offer firsthand expertise from our regular visits to the South Pacific. We are all about the personal touches that make your dream vacation perfectly customized for you!   As you are researching your travel plans, you may become overwhelmed by travel packages you find on the internet. And you may question how you can be sure your specific needs will be met? That is where we come in— since every trip is handcrafted, we can verify that every step of the way is suitable for your needs.

Our Trusted Partners
We have cultivated long-lasting and personal relationships with our partners in each country; many of them are like family to us! This means that we have the ability to work with our partners and make modifications based on your personal needs. We can ensure you stay at the most appropriate hotel with the correct facilities you may need and in the most desired location for your activities. We can confirm your touring will be accessible and comfortable for you while giving you the best experience. Most of all, we can guarantee that you experience these unique parts of the world without limitations.   In addition, we have 24-hour in-country support located at every destination we travel to. You can rest assured that someone will be there in your local time zone to assist you should you need it.

Personal Luxury Travel Designer
When planning a trip with Down Under Endeavours, you will work 1-on-1 with a Luxury Travel Designer. This person is your dedicated contact throughout the entire process. They will listen to your likes, dislikes, needs, and dreams to make personalized recommendations for your vacation. They will ask thoughtful questions to get to know you better and will be your resource for any questions that you have along the way. They will meticulously prepare the arrangements for your trip and be waiting to hear your rave reviews when you return home. You just tell us what you want to see and do, like what are the things to do in grand cayman, what are the popular attractions, what are the different restaurants around the place, what kind of rooms to stay and others, so we figure out how!

We seek to share our love of the South Pacific with the rest of the world, and we believe “how” shouldn’t stand in the way. We look forward to helping you plan your next adventure!