Sunny South Pacific for Families

School is almost out and of course, it has families thinking of vacation. Now, I may not have a family (unless you count my dog and two cats), but I have plenty of friends who are always looking for new and fun places to take the kids. The South Pacific has so many great options – from the warm and sunny islands of Fiji, to the beautiful waters and marine life of French Polynesia, and the laid-back charm of Cook Islands – families will find plenty of ways to enjoy their holiday!

Fiji rainforest rivers

For families with older kids and a sense of adventure, the Coral Coast of Fiji has some great accommodation options that are an easy drive away from the Sigatoka River, where you can join an eco and cultural river safari featuring both a scenic jet boat ride and the opportunity to interact and engage with local Fijians, or off-road through rainforest rivers.

Heading out to a good snorkeling spot in the South Pacific

With all the water surrounding the islands, of course there are plenty of water activities to partake in, including snorkeling.   Whether it’s an easy swim off the beach, or a boat tender farther out, you’ll be amazed at the colorful coral and fish to be found in the clear waters.

kayaking - Fiji activities

Since you are surrounded by the sea, you can be assured there are an abundant amount of marine-based activities for the entire family to enjoy, including kayaking the crystal blue waters – just don’t forget to paddle!


While we all have the romantic vision of motu’s surrounded by turquoise waters and overwater bungalows when we think of French Polynesia (and rightly so), you may be surprised to know that Moorea has some great adventure options on the inner terrain of the motu, including hiking and quad biking, among others. With family-sized garden and beach villas available (and even a few, select overwater bungalows), it’s another great island paradise to consider.

Bora Bora - little boys on the beach with a baby turtle

In iconic Bora Bora, while you enjoy that overwater dream, your kids can enjoy the abundant sea life, whether it’s discovering sea turtles on the beach, or visiting the several marine sanctuaries located on the motu for interactive, educational and fun presentations, they will be delighted.

Cook Islands

In the Cook Islands, life happens at a decidedly slower pace. Both young and old can get around the island easily on a scooter, while stopping along the way to enjoy some of the freshest fish sandwiches you’ll find anywhere!

cook islands - family vacation

For parents who would like a little couple time while in paradise (I mean, you’re parents, but you still want a little romance, amiright?), another great service at many resorts is the kid’s club. While each resort offers different styles and activities, you can be assured your children will be entertained and looked after from just a couple of hours or the entire day.