Sunny South Pacific for Families

The South Pacific has so many great options for family-friendly vacations—from the warm and sunny islands of Fiji, to beautiful blue waters in the Islands of Tahiti, to the laid-back charm of the Cook Islands. Here are some of our favorite family vacation options in the South Pacific:


For families with older children and a sense of adventure, the Coral Coast of Fiji has some fantastic accommodation options that are close to island adventures! At Sigatoka River, you can join a thrilling river safari featuring both a scenic jet boat ride and the opportunity to interact and engage with local Fijians.

With all the water surrounding the islands, there are plenty of water activities to partake in like snorkeling, diving, and kayaking. Whether it’s an easy swim off the beach, or a boat tender farther out, you’ll be amazed at the colorful coral and fish to be found in the clear waters.

A stunning shade of blue surrounding Matangi Private Island in Fiji. Image Courtesy of Vanessa Massey

Islands of Tahiti

When it comes to the Islands of Tahiti, we all have the romantic vision of sandy islands and overwater bungalows surrounded by turquoise waters. But you may be surprised to know that Moorea has some great adventure options for families, including hiking, quad biking, rainforest hikes, and even buggy torus. With family-sized garden and beach villas available, it’s another great island paradise to consider.

In iconic Bora Bora, while you enjoy that overwater dream, your kids can enjoy the abundant sea life. Whether it’s discovering sea turtles on the beach, or visiting the several marine sanctuaries located on the island for interactive presentations, they will be delighted.

The perfect view, for two! Image courtesy of Vanessa Massey

Cook Islands

In the Cook Islands, life happens at a decidedly slower pace. Kids, teens, parents, and grandparents can get around the islands easily on a bicycle or scooter. Along the way, you can stop at secluded beaches and enjoy some of the freshest fish sandwiches you’ll find anywhere!

For parents who would like a little couple time while in paradise, the kids’ clubs at many resorts are a life saver. While each resort offers different styles and activities, you can be assured your children will be entertained and looked after while you enjoy a romantic dinner or spa time.

Snorkeling through schools of colorful fish. Image: Pacific Resort Rarotonga

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