What’s the best spot in Fiji?

I just returned from a beautiful two weeks in Fiji with my husband, and was reminded of why I fell in love with the place during my first visit four years ago.  I’m happy to help all of you pick and choose the right region in Fiji for you by comparing major regions here.

First, a comment on Rain
Rainfall is unpredictable in Fiji — and becoming only more so each year. You can have a week of rain in “dry season” in what is historically the driest part of Fiji.  You can have a week of drought in “wet season” in the lushest, most historically humid part of Fiji.  Rain doesn’t ruin a holiday at all — it keeps the foliage green and gives you an excuse to sleep in!  Plus, it’s usually just a short burst with the rest of the day clear.

Next, the Cyclone Season
Cyclone season lasts from around November to March, and is like hurricane season in the Caribbean.  You can go for two weeks and not see one the entire time, but if one does hit, it can be quite devastating.  Best to go to Fiji from April through October, or at least minimize your risk of cyclones by choosing your location carefully amongst the 330 islands of Fiji.

Last before we move on: Comments about temperatures
Average daytime highs across Fiji hover between 80 F and 85 F year-round.  It tends to be a few degrees cooler on average between June and August, and a few degrees warmer on average between December and February, but like the rain, temperatures are fairly unpredictable.  On any given day, you could have a high of 70 F or 95 F.  The former is a bit chilly for swimming and the latter makes you wish your resort had air conditioning.  Either way though, it’s probably better than the temperature back home!

“The Mainland:” Viti Levu

  • Biggest island in Fiji, including tourist regions of Denarau Island, the Coral Coast, and Pacific Harbour
  • Head here for resorts that are the easiest to access from the main airport, for larger international chain properties, lots of amenities, lots of nearby activities, and more action.
  • Great for short stays in Fiji or for multi-generational groups looking for options that will please everyone.
  • Don’t go here if you want to minimize risk of cyclones between November and March, or to find the best beaches.
  • Don’t go here if your goal in visiting Fiji is to “get away from it all”

Snorkeling in Vita Levu - Intercontinental Fiji - Fiji Islands - Fiji Island Resorts
Snorkeling off of Vita Levu. Image: Intercontinental Fiji 

The Mamanucas

  • An island chain off the West Coast of Viti Levu
  • Head here for the easiest access to a “private island resort” from the airport
  • Head here for better beaches than Viti Levu and more boutique/independent resorts.
  • Don’t go here if you’re seeking “the Real Fiji,” or a tiny resort with tons of exclusivity.

Blue Water of the Mamanucas - Likuliku Resort - Fiji Islands - Fiji Island Resorts
Enjoy the vibrantly blue waters of the Mamanucas. Image: Likuliku Resort

The Yasawas

  • An island chain north of the Mamanucas, to the northwest of Viti Levu
  • Head here for the best beaches in Fiji and some of the smallest, most remote, untouristed areas and romantic resorts.
  • Head here to minimize risk of rain.
  • Don’t go here if you’re seeking rainforest, tons of activities, or a feel for “the Real Fiji”

Private beaches in the Yasawas -Navutu Resort - Fiji Islands - Fiji Island Resortsf
The Yasawas are much more private than other areas in Fiji. Image: Navutu Resort

The North

Includes islands of Vanua Levu, Taveuni, Matangi, Laucala, and plenty more
Head here for the lushest rainforest, best diving, the least risk of cyclones, and the easiest access to an understanding of “the real Fiji”
Don’t go here to minimize your risk of rain or to find the best beaches
Don’t go here if unwilling to fly on small turboprop aircraft (with as few as 12 seats

Forested spa at Laucala - Laucala Resort - Fiji Islands - Fiji Island Resorts
The spectacularly forested spa at Laucala. Image: Laucala Island Resort

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