5 Reasons to Go Hiking in Fiji

Being an avid marathon runner, I like to stay active, even while on vacation! During my most recent trip to Fiji, I had to come up with ways to get out and stay on my feet.

If you enjoy being active on your holiday and getting an in-depth feel for your destination, then Fiji has more to offer than you may imagine. We all know about the beaches and the abundance of amazing water activities that draw travelers to the country, but Fiji is also a great destination to put on your runners and explore the land.

So, whether you are looking for easy hikes or a more strenuous workout, here are 5 reasons to come and explore the trails in Fiji.

1. Breathtaking views

Not all of Fiji’s islands are white-fringed specks in the ocean. Many have rugged, mountainous interiors with trails that lead you through tropical forests up to the peak, where you’ll be treated to views that will leave you speechless.

While on the island of Matangi, I was fortunate enough to do a hike up to the peak of the island, where you can look down into crystal clear waters and see the stunning Horseshoe Bay reef and beach. We then finished our hike along the coastline of the island, where each lookout was just as stunning as the next.

5 Reasons to Go Hiking in Fiji - Matangi Island Hike with Views of Horseshoe Bay
Matangi Island hike with views of Horseshoe Bay

2. Take a plunge

There are a number of waterfalls on the islands in Fiji. Unlike most places where getting wet means getting cold, on a hike in Fiji, jumping into a river or fresh water pool made by a waterfall is part of the pleasure of it all and a great photo opportunity. One of my personal favorites would be the Tavoro Waterfalls in Bouma National Heritage Park on Taveuni Island. There’s a specular series of 3 waterfalls that you can hike to and swim in, each offering a greater challenge than the last.

5 Reasons to Go Hiking in Fiji - Swim in the Bouma Waterfalls, Taveuni Island Fiji
Waterfalls at Bouma National Heritage Park, Taveuni Island Fiji

3. Experience the culture

Some longer hikes will take you to places you would otherwise not be able to see. In Fiji, some of the local villages are not accessible via car, so hiking can open a window into the remote life of the locals. One great place to do this is on Qamea Island, which is accessible via boat from either Taveuni or Matangi Island.

5 Reasons to Go Hiking in Fiji - Hike to Remote Villages, Navala Village Fiji
Traditional village on Viti Levu

4. Take on a challenge

Part of the pleasure of a good walk is the achievement you feel once you have covered a long distance or reached the summit of a peak. Using the nature around you as your gym is a great way to get those endorphins flowing and reconnect with nature and the world around you.

5 Reasons to Go Hiking in Fiji - Matangi Island Hike with Views of Horseshoe Bay
Feeling on top of the world on the Matangi Island hike!

5. Escape the crowds

As hiking becomes more popular around the world, it is harder to find a trail that isn’t covered with people. This is not an issue in most areas of Fiji. On this trip, I went on several island hikes and rarely encountered any other people. It really can feel like you’re in a different world!

I would recommend getting an early start so that you aren’t arriving at the waterfall or mountain peak right at lunchtime, when more people will be there. This also means that you aren’t hiking in the middle of the day when the sun and heat are at their most extreme.

5 Reasons to Go Hiking in Fiji - Lavena Coastal Walk, Taveuni Island Fiji
Lavena Coastal Walk, Taveuni Island Fiji

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