Our Favorite Beach Vacations

Hi Everyone…Xan here, and as I write this week’s blog, it’s a gloomy, cool and rainy day in Chicago and I think it’s the perfect time to think about a sunny and exotic beach getaway.  We love our South Pacific paradises of the Cook Islands and Bora Bora are excited to share a few of our favorite beach vacations with you!


Paradise in Cook Islands


Breathe in the fresh pure air. Wade into the cool, calm, blue lagoons. Let the untouched charm of the beautiful Cook Islands capture your spirit and hold your heart. The 15 islands of the Cooks lie halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii, scattered like fragrant frangipani petals floating across 2.2 million square kilometres of a seductive, sensual ocean. Boasting rare beauty, an idyllic climate, warm welcoming people with the widest white smiles and a pace of life unsurpassed for peace: the Cook Islands is paradise.


Romantic Rumours


If you’re looking for something off the beaten path and romantic, Rumors has just what you need. This luxury Cook Islands resort offers gorgeous villas with private swimming pools, breathtaking views of the magnificent lagoon, and a white coral sand beach right off of your private deck. Follow the link and read more about one of our favorite island getaways.


Beautiful Aitutaki


A must-do for any Cook Island traveler is a full day Vaka cruise of the “most beautiful lagoon in the world.” This unique Polynesian craft will bring you to several motu (small islets). You can even beach comb at One Foot Island. Get ready for some island fun, you might even learn to hum some island tunes! Discover more with one of our handcrafted itineraries featuring Aitutaki Resort, follow the link:  https://www.downunderendeavours.com/packages/australia-cook-islands-getaway


Pacific Resort Rarotonga


The island paradise of Rarotonga is legendary for its beauty. The mountainous peaks of the inner island are ringed by spectacularly beautiful beaches and stunning lagoons of crystal clear water. The most beautiful of these is in Muri, and it is here that Pacific Resort Rarotonga is located. Learn more about one of our favorite Cook Island Getaways: https://www.downunderendeavours.com/packages/cook-islands-beach-honeymoon-pacific-resort-rarotonga


Swimming with Turtles in Bora Bora


Make your island getaway special and swim with the majestic and endangered sea turtles at Le Meridian Bora Bora private lagoon. Take a tour of the facility and learn about the conservation efforts of the Turtle Sanctuary. Enjoy your swim as the curious turtles hang out with you, but make sure you do not touch the turtles, as the acidity from your skin can be harmful to these amazing sea creatures!


Cook Island Delicacies


Traditional Cook Island dishes feature the freshest of local produce and seafood. The most popular dishes include Rori (sea cucumber eaten either raw or cooked with butter, garlic, and spice), Ika (raw fish that’s been marinated in lemon juice and served with onion and coconut cream), Rukau (coconut cream, salt, onions, mixed with mashed taro leaves), and Umukai (a traditional feast held on special occasions- literally meaning “food from the oven.”). Delicious!


Overwater Bliss


Make your next getaway unforgettable with an overwater bungalow Cook Islands vacation! Read more here: https://www.downunderendeavours.com/packages/cook-islands-overwater-bungalows