Multigenerational Travel to New Zealand


Hi everyone, this is Melissa. I am starting my last semester of college in the fall, and with my older sister working full time, and my younger brother away at college as well, it makes for little family time. Most of my family lives in Los Angeles, I live in Chicago, and my brother goes to school in Alabama. With all of us being on opposite sides of the country, when my family finally gets together we love to travel! I have a large family on both my mother and father’s side, and both families make an effort to do multigenerational travel every few years.

Family is extremely important to myself and my parents (and for lots of people), and it is important that we can make time for one another. Just this summer I went to Ireland with my dad’s side of the family, 17 people. And about five years ago I went to Italy with my mom’s side of the family, with 20 people! My grandma is talking about where we are going to go next, and I am pulling for our family to travel to New Zealand…not a hard place to sway!

Traveling to new places, that you most likely will only get to once in your life, makes for a perfect way to spend time with your family. New Zealand is full of adventure and such unique climate, that you will never find anywhere else in the world. Traveling with 20 people is not always easy…but New Zealand is the perfect place to do it! There is so much to experience for all ages ensuring that everyone is in for a trip of a LIFETIME! There is no better way to spend time with one another, than experiencing new adventures together with the people that you love. I have about a year before we decide where we are going but I have a good feeling that New Zealand is going to be our next stop!

For example, if the group goes to Queenstown, during the day, the older generation can take a guided walk and perhaps an easy boat cruise on the lake and the younger generations can bungy jump, zip line or jet boat. And some can go wine tasting. At the end of the day, the whole group can get back together for a lovely dinner.

Top Reasons New Zealand is Perfect for Families

  • Great Outdoors
  • Extremely Safe
  • People are inviting and friendly
  • Speak English
  • Exchange rate is in the US favor, gain 20 cents on the dollar
  • Opportunity for adventure
  • One last thing…NO spiders or snakes!

A few things to remember when planning a multigenerational family vacation:

  • Select a location that offers a wide variety of activities so that the older generation feels comfort and the younger generation doesn’t get bored.
  • Be sure to check with your travel consultant to select appropriate accommodations for everyone. Room capacity laws are different in many countries and hotel rooms may only have two twin beds.
  • Be mindful of the types of transportation you will need. Many times it will be easier to rent a van to transport everyone instead of trying to get multiple cabs or shared transfers.
  • Airfare can get tricky when trying to coordinate people coming in at different times and airports, it’s helpful to have a travel consultant to handle those details for you.

So give us at call at Down Under Endeavours at 312-951-9517 if you are ready to plan your multigenerational family trip!  For sample family itineraries click here.