Delightful Dining in Australia

G’day! As I plan the final details on my upcoming visit to Australia, my lovely Aussie co-workers Ness and Phil have been recommending some great restaurants to visit while there. I’m truly looking forward to incredibly fresh seafood while in Port Douglas and Hamilton Island, as well as some foodie delights in Melbourne and Sydney. They tell me I shouldn’t miss the Chicken Parmy while there – that’s Chicken Parmesan to you and me – but I’m not sure that’s a good idea for the waistline. Either way, I know I’m in for some amazing meals!

Sydney Harbour

When I’m in Sydney, I’m looking forward to enjoying an al fresco bevvie and bite (who am I kidding, most meals will be al fresco), with fantastic views of the Sydney Harbour icons.


Although it’s not on the schedule this time around, I will be visiting Tasmania next year and you can bet I’ll be sure to enjoy some of the delicious and fresh oysters direct from the water to my plate!

Sounds of Silence, Uluru

In Ayers Rock, it’s the stunning, natural backdrops of Uluru and Kata Tjuta you’ll have as you dine under the great expanse of stars.

Melbourne Victoria shopping and laneways

A little confession – I don’t actually drink coffee, which I understand is practically a sin when visiting Melbourne, since they are very proud of their cuppa joe – however, it is also an incredible food destination and I’m looking forward to splurging on a memorable dinner in one of it’s hidden laneways.

Hamilton Island

Sadly, no romantic dinners on the beach for me as this is a solo visit, but I do know I’m in for some delectable seafood while in Hamilton Island, and I can still enjoy the gorgeous, sandy white beaches.


For those visiting Kangaroo Island or driving along the Great Ocean Road, a stop in Adelaide is a definite must, and this charming city offers excellent dining options along its cobblestone streets.

Sydney Australia

On one of my last days in Australia, I’ll be in Sydney and definitely partaking of the yummy barbecue and bubbly that Sensational Sydney serves up while cruising the harbour for a few hours, taking in the sights and reflecting on my great adventures, food or otherwise, while Down Under.