Best Time to Travel to Australia

G’day, this is Emily!  Growing up in Australia I spent a lot of time traveling and exploring the country. People often ask me when is the best time to go to Australia. Unfortunately, there is no straight answer. Australia is about as big as continental United States, so weather and high/ low season varies across the country.
Being from Melbourne, my favourite time of year in Melbourne is the summertime (December – March). During this time of year Melbournians love spending time outdoors, going to festivals, alfresco dining, swimming at the beach and so on.
I am also an avid diver and love diving at the Great Barrier Reef. This is off the coast of Queensland where is it tropical. I prefer going to the Great Barrier Reef in June or July. The last time I went diving there in June I saw a couple of Minke Whales. It was incredible!
Trip to Australia
Australia can be visited anytime of the year. The time of year you decide to travel will bring different experiences. Follow this link When is the best time to travel to Australia to see  a list of the best times to travel to different regions within Australia.
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