The Best Spots in the Cook Islands

Have you been dreaming of an island escape? The Cook Islands are just the place to get away! From the gorgeous pristine beaches to the warm and inviting culture,  we’ll help you find just the perfect spot to instantly melt your stress away. We’ve put together a list of the best spots in the Cook Islands, just for you.


Imagine… powdery white sand, calm lagoons, and charming locals; these are the qualities that embody One Foot Island. The cool breeze from the ocean and the share from the palm trees married with the warm sunshine create the perfect setting for a lazy beach stay.


Make your trip to the Cook Islands even more luxurious with a stay in an overwater bungalow on Aitutaki Lagoon. The aqua-colored waters straight off of your bungalow is inviting and a must-do.


Next on the Cook Islands vacation checklist, spend some time at Muri Beach. Fill your time relaxing next to the crystal clear water, enjoying some family-friendly activities or walking around the local restaurants, shops, or cafés.


Make sure to explore the lush inner expanses of the island by taking a world-renowned cross-island walk, known as the Needle. The hike leads up the valley and across the island under a canopy of native trees, to the steep 400-meter ascent of the Needle. You will have the opportunity to see ancient ceremonial stone pictographs on the face of the Needle and hear legends of the ancient Polynesians. From crossing the narrow ridge at the top to cooling off at Wigmore’s Waterfall, this is a must-do adventure!


Are you a snorkeler?  If so, Aroa Marine Reserve is the best spot for any level of snorkeler. Crystal clear waters paired with brightly colored fish make for a memorable experience. This lagoon is off-limited to motorized boats, making it safe and special for a day of exploring.


Next stop on our Cook Islands list is Avarua- the capital of the Cook Islands.  Here you’ll find a relaxed and friendly town full of shops, restaurants, and many attractions.  The Punanga Nui Outdoor Market is on the waterfront and is the perfect representation of the Cook Islands.


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