Cook Islands: When To Go

When is the best time to go to the Cook Islands?

Year round. The Cook Islands has warm and sunny weather year round.

Best Time to Dive
Year round. The Cook Islands have warm water year round making it an ideal place to snorkel and dive. Reef to See is a locally owned dive and water sports division that caters to both experienced and inexperienced divers. A reef surrounds the Rarotonga Island and its dive sites offer caverns and drop offs.

Best Time to Honeymoon
April-November are the drier months and have an average of 80 degrees F.

Best Time for a Family Vacation
Year round. The Polynesians value family and make sure that it is a part of their every day life. There are plenty of activities that you can do together as a family such as hiking, snorkeling/diving, and fishing.

Best Time for an Adventure Vacation
November-March are the warmest months of the year with some tropical showers. The tropical showers bring the waterfalls to their peaks, which is a great time for hiking.

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Romantic Cook Islands: Beach Villa Vacation

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