Ultra-Luxury Australia Vacation

Explore Victoria in style with in-the-know local guides. Discover hidden gems in the city, explore wineries and beaches in the Mornington Peninsula, and venture into the bushland to see kangaroos in the wild. Then head to Tasmania for more wildlife adventures and beautiful scenery.

We designed this Ultra-Luxury Australia Vacation for a high-end couple celebrating their 20th anniversary. They loved food, wine, and art, so we sent them to Victoria to explore the Mornington Peninsula, with wall-to-wall wineries, busy bayside villages and stunning walks along the coastline, the Great Ocean Road and then to Tasmania. We set them up with excellent local guides to uncover the hidden gems. They also enjoyed multiple days of wildlife touring to see Australia’s unique animals in the wild.

We started their Ultra-Luxury Australia Vacation, on the gorgeous Mornington Peninsula. Just an hour away from Melbourne, this serene coastal region feels a world away from the busy city streets. They had a private guide to introduce them to the best wineries, coffee shops, scenic beaches, and shops—and, of course, the unique characters and creators who call the Mornington Peninsula home. They finished the afternoon with a rejuvenating soak in the peninsula’s famous hot springs.They loved getting the local perspective and history from their guide.

Continuing their Ultra-Luxury Australia Vacation, our couple enjoyed a day of wildlife touring in the bushland outside the city. Along with a small group, they joined an expert wildlife guide to see kangaroos, koalas, unique birds, and more up close in the wild and learn about their behaviors.

Then they flew to the ruggedly beautiful island of Tasmania. After a resting overnight in Launceston, they spent 2 days touring Tasmania with our favorite private wildlife guide. They saw unique landscapes, including towering dolomite columns in Ben Lomond National Park and the boulder-strewn, white sand beaches in the Bay of Fires. They were able to see mobs of kangaroos in the open fields, as well as track down elusive platypus and echidnas. In the evenings, they enjoyed gourmet campfire dinners and watched the wilderness come alive with nocturnal Aussie animals.

For the end of their Ultra-Luxury Australia Vacation, they went to the incomparable Saffire Freycinet. Stylishly designed to show off its stunning natural surroundings, Saffire features breathtaking views of the Hazards mountain range and the rugged Tasmanian coastline. They explored the area on quad bikes, and also took a guided nature tour to encounter Tasmanian Devils in the wild. Back at the lodge, they enjoyed the utmost luxury: exquisite gourmet cuisine, local Tassie and Australian wines, and understated luxury set in one of Australia’s most scenic areas.

As their Ultra-Luxury Australia Vacation came to an end, they were sad to leave, yet excited to share their adventures with friends and family back home. They felt they had the perfect mix of seaside cities, incredible food and wine, wildlife encounters, and unique surprises.

Suggested Itinerary

Day 1
Welcome to Victoria! Enjoy a private transfer from the airport to the Mornington Peninsula with your private guide. Explore historic streets, beautiful parks and stunning coastlines. When you need a rest, you’re sure to find a cozy cafe nearby, where you can refuel with a cup of their famously good coffee.

Day 2
It’s time a locally guided tour today, but this time you’ll be exploring the beautiful Mornington Peninsula on a private, full-day tour. Just an hour’s drive from the city, the Peninsula is a favorite among locals for its wine, produce, and miles of stunning coastline. Take a beach walk, feel the sand between your toes, and encounter local wildlife… all before lunch. Taste stunning local wines and beer before soaking in the beautiful peninsula hot springs.

On this private tour, your in-the-know guide will tailor the experience to your interests and show off all the hidden gems of this gorgeous region.

Day 3
You’ve seen the coast and the winelands; now it’s time to meet Australia’s iconic wildlife! Join a small group tour of the wilderness around Melbourne with an expert wildlife guide. Walk through natural bushland to meet koalas in the wild, then learn about their history and social life from a koala researcher.

Join mobs of kangaroos in the wild on the plains and in open forests. Their natural instinct is to flee humans, but with care you are able to get close enough to take photographs and observe their complex social life. The natural environments you’ll visit are also home to parrots, fairy-wrens, emus, honeyeaters, possums, wallabies, and lizards. Your wildlife guide will help you find and understand them, and show you how to look for wildlife wherever you travel in Australia.
Local B&B on the Great Ocean Road

Day 4
Today you continue your touring of the Great Ocean Road with your local guide. Visit to Aboriginal Cultural Centre, Bells Beach, the Lighthouse at Cape Otway, Redwood forest, local brewer or distillery, Torquay, Lorne and Apollo Bay coastal towns, Guided waterfall and/or rainforest walks.
Local B&B on the Great Ocean Road

Day 5
It’s time to head to Tasmania for more wildlife adventures. Arrive in Launceston on the island of Tasmania and enjoy a private transfer to your hotel. Known for having some of the purest air, water, and wilderness in the world, Tasmania is an outdoor lover’s dream, as well as a fabulous destination for food and wine lovers, being famous for cool-climate wines and artisan food makers.
Stillwater Seven

Day 6
Rise early this morning and make the 2-hour, scenic drive from Launceston to Scottsdale. Here, you will meet up with a private naturalist guide for 2 days of wildlife and wilderness touring. First, explore Ben Lomond National Park, a spectacular mountain of dolerite columns and scree slopes. Travel via the Roses Tier forests to the Tyne Valley for a campfire dinner with the forester kangaroos.

Relax by the fire with a glass of Tasmanian wine or beer and see the bush come alive with eastern quolls, brush-tail possums, and Tasmanian pademelons (a relative of the kangaroo and wallaby) visiting the campfire, while Bennett’s wallabies and wombats graze nearby.
Beulah Heritage B&B

Day 7
It’s another day exploring the Tasmanian wilderness with your private guide. Today, you’ll be searching for 2 of Australia’s most unique and elusive animals: the platypus and echidna. Travel to the far northeast corner of Tasmania to the Mt William National Park.

Take a stroll among the stunning white beaches and round red rocks in the Bay of Fires region, enjoy lunch with the Bennett’s wallabies, and see the resident wildlife in the area. The forester kangaroo and the wombat are just a couple of the inhabitants who share this coastal national park with over one hundred species of birdlife.

You can choose to enjoy another nocturnal wildlife experience this evening. Enjoy a campfire dinner and a nocturnal walk in the forest to see and hear the brushtail and ringtail possums, pademelons, Bennett’s wallabies, and bettongs go about their nightly business.
Beulah Heritage B&B

Day 8
Today, say good-bye to Pepper Bush Adventures and make your way to Saffire Freycinet.  Saffire overlooks the wide expanses of Great Oyster Bay, where migrating whales and dolphins come to play. The dominant view from Saffire’s every window is the pink-hued granite of the peninsula’s Hazards Mountains, providing a spectacular and ever-changing backdrop from morning to nightfall. Enjoy amazing views, a generous relaxation area, and an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary furnishings.
Saffire Freycinet

Day 9
This day is yours to spend at leisure, doing as little or as much as you like. You won’t want to leave your luxurious lodge, yet your natural surroundings are just as magical. With the Freycinet National Park on the doorstep, there’s a world of deserted islands, wild bushland, and secluded beaches to explore. Hop on a quad bike or mountain bike to discover the rugged coastal scenery; wade into the bay to sample deliciously fresh oysters; indulge in a private beach picnic; encounter Tasmanian Devils in the wild; and much more.
Saffire Freycinet

Day 10
Your fabulous Australia adventure comes to an end today. Drive to Launceston or Hobart to catch a flight back to mainland Australia and onward to your international flight.

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