Natural Wonders of Australia

G’day all! Australia is full of amazing landscapes, wildlife, cities, people, and atmosphere. Within all of this there happen to be a plethora of natural wonders. We’ve put together a list of our must see, top ten Natural Wonders of Australia.


Great Barrier Reef:
Did you know that the Great Barrier Reef is the only living thing on Earth visible from space? It’s also roughly 25 million years old and is the world’s largest reef system- stretching 3,000 kilometers off the coast of Queensland. Over 400 different types of coral and 1500 species of tropical fish call this amazing reef home.


Uluru is a sacred site to the indigenous people of this region. The monolith can be found 450 kilometers southwest of Alice Springs in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. It measures 348 meters high with a circumference of 9.4 kilometers. Uluru gains its fame not only from its massive size, but also from the beautiful variety of hues that wash over the site, particularly at sunrise and sunset. Truly a sight to be seen.


The Twelve Apostles:
The Twelve Apostles are limestone stacks created by erosion. You can see them from the Great Ocean Road, off the Victorian coast. Despite their name, there are actually only nine of them. Today, they continue to erode from their base at a rate of two centimeters a year.


The Three Sisters:
The Three Sisters are amazing formations of eroded sandstone. As the sunlight hits them, the multitude of sandstone colors are highlighted and silhouetted against the valley below. These amazing natural formations are also steeped in Aboriginal myth, legend, and ceremony.


The Pinnacles:
Located about 3 hours outside of Perth, the Pinnacles are limestone formations created roughly 30,000 years ago, as the receding ocean left deposits of seashells on shore. They rise several meters out of the sand in Nambung National Park. You’re likely to see an amazing amount of wildlife here, including kangaroos, emus and reptiles.


Ningaloo Reef:
At Ningaloo Reef you’ll find yourself surrounded by emerald lagoon, brilliant coral and vibrant tropical fish! The Ningaloo Reef is the largest fringing coral reef in Australia, measuring 260 kilometers along the coast; and home to a plethora of marine life.


The Blue Mountains:
This escarpment of mountain ranges is located about two hours outside of Sydney. Here you’ll find yourself in awe of the green hue covering everything, caused by the eucalyptus oil from gum trees. The Blue Mountains are home to Echo Point, the Great Dividing Range, and the Three Sisters. You’ll also find some of the world’s oldest species of plants in this region, including Wollemi pines- the botanical equivalent of dinosaurs!


Fraser Island:
Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island. Measuring at 123 kilometers in length and up to 22 kilometers wide, and located at the end of the Great Sandy Straight. Here you’ll find rainforests, 240-meter high sand dunes, 100 freshwater lakes and a diverse ecosystem- including dingoes.


Bungle Bungles:
The Bungle Bungles are a condensed sandstone range, located in the northwestern region of Australia, in Purnululu National Park. They rise to 578 meters from the ground. Also found in the area surrounding the Bungle Bungles are gorges, tropical pools and caves home to unique mammals and wildlife.


Kakadu is located 171 kilometers southeast of Darwin. Within it’s 20,000 square kilometers you’ll find tropical biodiversity like no other, including 1700 plant species. It is also home to floodplains, tidal flats, and rock country. Aboriginal rock carvings are found throughout the area, as well as both freshwater and saltwater crocs!

These are just a handful of the amazing natural wonders of Australia.  For more exciting places to visit and to start creating your unique itinerary, give us a call at 312-951-8517, and let us help you plan the trip of a lifetime!  You can also look through sample itineraries by clicking here.