What is it like to fly to the Caribbean during a pandemic?

Guest Blogger: Our Mate, Derek Stewart- Sales Manager at American Airlines

I recently visited Antigua and was so impressed with the warm welcome I immediately received walking off the airplane! The airport staff was so helpful and professional in the way they handled the Covid screening process keeping passengers socially distanced while waiting in line, handing out hand sanitizer, and presenting negative Covid tests. The process was very smooth and seamless. The only difference was doing it in style with our masks. Once we got through the airport, we went to collect our bags and were on our way to our hotel. The hotel staff was also very professional and took careful safety precautions during our entire stay. The entire island is open for business and very vibrant, with every beach now open to the public. We drove around the entire island and visited 15 of the 365 beaches Antigua has to offer. I would highly recommend Antigua to anyone looking for a perfect getaway to relax! American Airlines has daily service from Miami to Antigua.