Vivid Sydney is a Festival for the Bucket List

Upon my first visit to Sydney, I was of course very excited to see all the icons: The Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach, and more. I had heard about Vivid Sydney and I knew it would be in full swing during my trip, but what an unexpected delight to experience it for myself! The energy around Sydney during this weeks-long festival of lights, sights, and sounds was absolutely contagious. It’s safe to say that Vivid Sydney makes this already incredible city even more special to visit.

From morning until night, there were SO many things happening! Art displays of all types had taken over the entire city. Then, after the sun went down, Vivid really kicked into high gear with the most mesmerizing light shows I’ve ever seen.

The pure white sails of the Sydney Opera House were transformed into giant multi-colored lava tubes, animated abstract graphics, underwater creatures swimming from sail to sail, and so much more. Lights around the entire city, including on boats cruising through the harbour, were synchronized at times with the same pulsating colors. You just have to see it to believe it! Even the zoo across the harbour had fun, quirky displays throughout the property.

Girl enjoying the light exhibits at Taronga Zoo, Vivid Sydney 2017

Family looking at light exhibits at Taronga Zoo, Vivid Sydney 2017
Whimsical light-up animals took over Taronga Zoo at Vivid Sydney 2017. Images courtesy of Destination New South Wales

Something you should know about me: I don’t usually enjoy large crowds. Yet the energy of Vivid Sydney drew me in. It’s something you want—no NEED, to be part of… pure FOMO! As a tourist or a local Aussie, there is simply so much to discover throughout the city during Vivid. All of the city’s icons participate in the festival in unique ways, and even if you’re just wandering around, there’s plenty to keep you entertained.

Families, bring your children! The daytime is packed with family-friendly events, interactive installations, and art projects. From pure fun to educational fun, kids of all ages will be fascinated.

Shame on you, Vivid Sydney, because it’s quite possible I will feel like something is missing on my next visit to Sydney. Lucky for us all, this festival happens every year for 3 weeks—from the end of May till mid-June. Definitely put this one on your bucket list!

Interactive exhibits at Vivid Sydney 2017
Interactive light and art installations in the Rocks District during Vivid Sydney 2017. Images courtesy of Destination New South Wales

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