The Tuamotu Atolls – Tahiti

If you’re looking for an exotic getaway, the Tuamotu Atolls are your perfect destination. These atolls are home to some of the best diving in the South Pacific and the most beautiful islands including Fakarava, Manihi, Rangiroa, and Tikehau.


Aerial View of Fakarava Atoll
Aerial view of Fakarava Atoll. Image: Tahiti Tourism

Known as the Island of Dreams, Fakarava is a protected coral atoll home to a natural reserve for many rare species of birds, plants, and crustaceans. Located southeast of Rangiroa, Fakarava is home to the second largest lagoon in the Tuamotu Atolls.  Let yourself get lost in the beauty and nature around you, and discover the most amazing dive sites!


Overwater Bungalows at Manihi Pearl Beach Resort
Overwater bungalows at Manihi Pearl Beach Resort

Aptly named the Island of Pearls, Manihi’s inner lagoon is the perfect environment fo the cultivation of the world-renowned Tahitian black pearl! A visit to Manihi will bring you to the farthest north of the Tuamotus, about two hours from Tahiti. You’ll discover that life moves at a leisurely pace, focusing on the beautiful simplicity of life.


Soaking in the Pool at Hotel Kia Ora, Rangiroa
Soaking in the pool at Hotel Kia Ora

Rangiroa is the largest island in the Tuamotus and is basically an immense natural aquarium. Boasting an accessible yet secluded appeal, it is home to a very large lagoon with a wondrous abundance of marine life- this destination should be at the top of your bucket list if you’re a diver!  No wonder it’s called The Endless Lagoon!


Paddleboarding Off Tikehau Atoll
Paddleboarding with harmless reef sharks in Tikehau. Image: Tahiti Tourism

Also known as The Pink Sand Island, Tikehau will truly take you off the grid!  Here you’ll find countless tiny white and pink sand islets engulfed in coconut groves and hidden alcoves.  In Tikehau, which actually means “peaceful landing” you’ll find nothing but serenity on calm and graceful sandy beaches.  If you’re looking for more diving, have no fear, the waters of Tikehau are teeming with marine life!

Still need a little more inspiration for that imagination?  Check out this great video from Tahiti Tourisme, featuring the Tuamotu Atolls!

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