There is Something for Everyone in Fiji!

Bula, everyone! I have just returned from the lovely islands of Fiji. I had the opportunity to travel for about 13 days and covered several different resorts and different areas of Fiji. All were very different, and it just goes to show that whether you’re a diver, a beach person, or an adventure person… Fiji has something for everyone!

The first thing you’ll notice is that Fijian people are very proud of their culture and they are happy to share it with you. At most resorts, you’ll have an opportunity to see the local village perform their Meke Ceremony, which is a welcoming performance. Fijians LOVE to sing and it is a very big part of their culture, so you will hear a lot of wonderful singing on your trip. You should also take part in the Kava Ceremony (it doesn’t taste very good, but it certainly makes you feel a part of their culture!). Lastly, you might also be a part of a Lovo, which is a feast where the Fijians cook everything in the traditional method of roasting the food underground over hot coals. This gives the food an amazing smoky flavor!

Isa Lei Song Yasawa Island - Shannon Bradley - Travel Fiji

Many of the islands in Fiji are very remote, so you need to be ready to travel! Most resorts will require a boat and land transfer and sometimes a plane (sometimes a very small plane), but it is all part of the charm. I would recommend staying at least 4-5 nights at each resort since you do have to transfer quite a bit.

Take advantage of as many excursions as you feel comfortable with. Most islands have TONS of things to do: hiking, diving, snorkeling, zip lining, excursions to a local village, quad biking, shark diving… Most resorts will have daily excursions and demonstrations. Or, if you so choose, you can simply lay at the beach or the pool.

At most resorts, the water is safe to drink, but I would recommend drinking bottled water. Our Northern Hemisphere systems are not used to the Southern Hemisphere—I know it sounds funny, but trust me. And please make sure to sample the local Fijian cuisine, especially the FISH! You will find that the food is fairly inexpensive in Fiji, and absolutely delicious.

Fiji Sunset Yasawa Island - Shannon Bradley - Travel Fiji

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