How do I choose the best beach vacation?

Hi everyone, it’s Shannon here. We are fortunate to send our clients to many places that have GREAT beaches. So many times we have people ask us about how to pick the right location for them based on the beach. Funny thing is that beaches are VERY different from country to country and even from island to island. Because we all get to travel regularly, we have compiled quite an outline of the quality of the beaches in many countries. Here is just a sampling of our knowledge of beaches.

Most Americans believe that beaches are similar to the ones in the Caribbean where there are huts, chairs and towel service. Sometimes Americans go to Australia expecting the same type of layout on the beach and that simply isn’t the cause. The best beaches in Australia are going to be in the north reef area. There are only a handful of resorts that actually have true beach access. There is no true beach in Cairns. If you want an island, all inclusive, beautiful beach experience, you will need to go to Lizard Island, which is the only island actually ON the Great Barrier Reef. It is quite a special place.

New Zealand
For a true beach experience, you will have to travel to the north end of the north island of New Zealand to the Bay of Islands. This is truly a local Kiwi beach experience. The sand is volcanic and darker in color. It will be packed with Kiwis and their families during school holidays. The weather at the Bay of Islands will be nice December through February.


Fiji is such a popular destination. Many honeymoon couples want an overwater bungalow in Fiji. Unfortunately, Fiji is not known for its overwater bungalows. There is one resort, Likuliku, which is a 5 star property and the room tariff does include meals. However, these bungalows are tidal and when the tide goes out, the hut is over sand. Most resorts in Fiji are on their own private island, but many of the islands have small beaches. If you want white, powdery sand on your beach, you will have to go to the Yasawa Island chain in Fiji. But generally most beaches in Fiji are small and the sand is darker in color.


Tahiti (French Polynesia)

OK folks, this is where you go for overwater bungalows, almost ALL resorts have overwater bungalows in the lagoon. In Moorea, you will see fish and coral under your bungalow, in Bora Bora, you will see fish and sand. Most bungalows allow you to swim/dive straight off of them. Bora Bora will have better beaches than Moorea or Tahiti. Many of them have small beaches, but they are lighter in color.

Cook Islands
Muri Beach is the biggest beach in the Cook Islands and Little Polynesian Resort has the nicest, biggest beach on Rarotonga. The Cook Islands are great for people that want to get out and explore restaurants, other beaches and the area. Many resorts only have a restaurant or two, so you will want to get off the property. BY FAR, the best beaches in all of Cook Islands are on Aitutaki. You can get overwater bunaglows on Aitutaki at the Aitutaki Lagoon Resort. The lagoon in Aitutaki is truly turquoise.

So this is simply a sample of our knowledge, we are happy to chat to you about your beach vacation. Sometimes it depends on how you want to use your beach, for example, me, personally, I don’t like the sand stuck to me, so I would rather just look at the beach from a chair. But others want to lay on it OR walk on it…and that requires a different type of beach. We definitely LOVE our beaches here at DUE, so give us a call at 312-951-8517 today.  Check out some of our wonderful, luxury handcrafted itineraries here.