Down Under Endeavours Recognized for Meaningful Travel

Last week, Down Under Endeavours was thrilled to accept the Luxperience Meaningful Award at the Luxperience Gala Awards Dinner in Sydney. Other honorees of the evening include Zanada (China) for the Inspiring Award and FBI Travel (Australia) for the Connections Award.


The Meaningful Award recognizes “excellence in the preservation and protection of authentic experiences.” Needless to say, it’s a huge honor to be recognized in this category, as creating unique and authentic travel experiences has always been our company’s mission.

The clients we best suit are those seeking a unique approach to the must-see and -do’s, but also want to feel like they’ve gotten under the skin of a destination and truly get a sense of what makes that place so special. Our goal is to make each trip more than mere travel: it can be a chance for parents to reconnect with their teenage kids or for someone to check off a bucket list item, reward themselves, rejuvenate, recharge, and be reminded what’s important in their life. Along the way, they’ll have a moment they can remember forever.

“We wouldn’t be able to create meaningful travel experiences without the help of our partners,” says Corinne Goodman, owner of Down Under Endeavours. “This day and age, it’s easy to find many wonderful hotels and tours, but what we strive for is to provide travel experiences that change each traveler’s life. We always want to go that extra step, even when not asked upon. Not only does this give the client a special experience, but it creates a deeper understanding of their destination.”


For example, we may let a resort know about a traveler’s passion for wildlife, so that when they order a hot chocolate at bedtime, the resort also provides a book about the native flora and fauna. Or, on a trip to Fiji, a client can travel outside their resort to the village and meet local families to better understand their culture. If they want to hike through the alps in New Zealand, we may arrange for them to plant a tree to support a sustainable environment.

“I want travelers to come home from their trips feeling like they’ve had a life altering moment in that time they were away,” Goodman says.

We’re happy to say that we hear this quite often, and it’s usually connected to unique experiences with a local guide that has a close relationship with Down Under Endeavours. Not only do our clients get to experience the local culture, but they make new friends in the process. Creating unforgettable moments for clients, and having them return to us time and time again, is unbelievably rewarding and the reason we do what we do.

Meaningful travel is at the core of Down Under Endeavours. We couldn’t be prouder to be recognized for it by the travel experts at Luxperience.