An Authentic Outback Experience at Bamurru Plains

Are you looking for an authentic Australian bush experience? Want to skip the crowds and explore the Outback with local experts? I know the perfect place: Bamurru Plains in the Mary River Floodplains!

The camp is located on a private buffalo farm, and access is via private road or flight—I suggest the flight as it is really scenic! The camp is set on the forest border, where buffalo and wallabies sleep at night. So when you wake up in the morning to go on your adventures, you will see all the buffalo meandering by and the wallabies hopping (or boxing) right in front of your room.

The flight in and out of camp is an adventure in itself!

Buffalo hiding from the crocs. Poor guy!

Nature lovers will be in heaven at Bamurru Plains. Most of the activities are wildlife-oriented: river cruises with croc spotting and sunset beverages; 4WD safaris (yep, just like in Africa); walking safaris; airboat rides where you can see geese, ibis, egrets, and buffalo; bird watching (this is a great spot to check those unique species off your list!); and quad biking if it’s dry. The river cruising and airboat rides are really not to be missed!

Crocodiles in the water

What’s a croc-spotting safari without a bit of wine?

I know what you’re thinking. “A safari camp… Do I have to sleep in a tent?” Yes! And they are fantastic tents, complete with real beds, down comforters, running water, and electricity. The suite is the only room with A/C, but since the temps dip at night, you won’t even need it to sleep comfortably. And the food here is simply amazing. They bring in wonderful chefs for 3-course dinners featuring local delicacies like kangaroo and crocodile, generous breakfasts, and perfect lunches.

But it is the people at the camp that make Bamurru Plains an unforgettable experience. The guides are real Aussie bushmen who have grown up in the area or lived there for a while. They wear boots and carry cattle whips. They know the local wildlife like the backs of their hands and are ready to show you their side of Australia. Not the cities or the vineyards, but the Outback—wild, unspoiled, and beautiful.

See how Bamurru Plains can fit into your Australia adventure with this sample itinerary. Want to learn more? Give me a call at (312) 951-8517!