Australia Fires: 2 Ways You Can Help

Despite what you may have heard, Australia is open for business and ready to welcome you with open arms!

While it’s true the bushfires have severely impacted certain parts of the country, many areas—including most of Australia’s popular tourist spots—are unaffected. Traveling to Australia is the best way to support small businesses and communities down under for the long term.

Here are two ways you can help Australia right now and far into the future.

1. Travel

Australia needs our support now more than ever, and the best way to provide long-term benefits to the country is to continue traveling there.

We partner with small, family businesses in Australia that are suffering from mass trip cancellations in the wake of recent media coverage. Many of these are located hundreds of miles from any fire activities. Tourism Australia has compiled a bushfire updates page with the most recent list of which areas have been impacted by fires.

Call us at (888) 229-0082 if you have any questions. Three of our travel consultants have visited Australia within the last few weeks and had spectacular trips without any interruption from fires. We’re continuing to receive daily updates from our local team.

Stay informed, and let’s continue to support our friends down under!

Updates from Our Partners in Australia

Ask Us About the Best Areas to Visit

Our travel designers can help you create your ultimate trip to Australia and avoid impacted regions. Client safety is our top priority, and we are receiving daily updates about conditions on the ground. Our team in Australia will provide 24/7 local assistance while you travel.

Don’t Cancel; Postpone

Consider changing your travel dates instead of canceling outright. Keep in mind that Australian bushfires have always been an annual event, and the affected areas will regenerate. The beaches are still beautiful, the people resilient, and the Aussie sense of humor as strong as ever.

2. Donate

Down Under Endeavours is committed to raising $10,000 for Australian bushfire relief via the American Red Cross. Support relief efforts for bushfire victims and their families on our Facebook fundraiser (for tax-deductible donations charged in USD) or directly to the Australian Red Cross (charged in AUD).

To help reach our goal, Down Under Endeavours will donate $50 for each Australia trip booked this year.