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New Zealand is a miracle of geology: a verdant and varied country compressed into two small islands. Here, you’ll find crystal-clear lakes framed by majestic mountains; grand, sweeping cliffs overlooking gorgeous waterways; rainforests sitting shoulder to shoulder with icy blue glaciers; and deep riverine valleys that transport you to a forgotten time.

These untouched landscapes cry out for exploration. Venture into this serene world and awaken your senses—especially your sense of adventure.

Wondering where to go in New Zealand? Discover the highlights of both islands. Of course, there are many other incredible destinations to explore. Connect with one of our New Zealand travel experts to learn more!

When to Go

New Zealand has become a very popular tourist destination, but it’s still a tiny country with small towns and boutique hotels, so it books up fast. From our experience, you should start planning 8-12 months in advance in order to secure availability.

Spring: September to November
Blooming flowers, waterfall season, and baby animals
Average temperature: 40-65° F

Summer: December to February
By far the busiest time to travel in New Zealand. Start planning a year in advance
Average temperature: 70-90° F

Fall: March to May
Mild weather, golden leaves, and fewer crowds
Average temperature: 40-70° F

Winter: June to August
Moderately cold and often rainy. Many hiking trails will be closed
Average temperature: 35-60° F

Know Before You Go

How much time do I need in New Zealand?
We’d recommend a bare minimum of 7-10 nights to see the highlights. If you want to see both islands, 2 or 3 weeks will allow you to see the best sights and have some time to relax.

What’s the best way to get around?
Auckland is the international hub. From there, you can fly to other cities like Queenstown, Christchurch, and Wellington. We always recommend self-driving if you’re comfortable doing so. It’s hands down the best way to see New Zealand’s amazing scenery!

How much are the flights?
Expect to spend a minimum of $1,300 on round-trip international flights in economy class. For holiday travel, prices can reach over $3,500.

What kind of clothes should I pack?
It’s always best to bring layers to New Zealand. The weather can be unpredictable and surprise rain showers are common.

Where should I go for… (wildlife, adventure, hiking, biking)?
Our New Zealand travel experts can personally recommend the best destinations to suit your interests, timeframe, and budget. See an overview of our top destinations here.

New Zealand + Beaches

New Zealand has plenty of beautiful coastline that’s perfect for water activities, but if you want tropical beaches, we’d recommend visiting a nearby island. Here are some incredible beach destinations that are just a quick flight away!

New Zealand Fiji Vacations

Fiji – 3 hours
We love Fiji because not only is it extremely beautiful, but the people are so warm and friendly that you feel right at home the moment you arrive.

New Zealand Australia Vacations

Sydney – 3.5 hours
Australia and New Zealand are what we call a power couple! Sunny Sydney is perfect if you want to visit great beaches and explore big city attractions.

New Zealand Cook Islands Vacations

Cook Islands – 4 hours
The Cook Islands are the hidden gem of the South Pacific. The main island of Rarotonga is great for laid-back beach bars where you can meet the locals.

New Zealand Tahiti Vacations

French Polynesia – 5 hours
Ah, Tahiti… the indisputable home of the overwater bungalow. The islands of French Polynesia have a European feel and some of the bluest water you’ll ever see.

Helicopter Excursions

New Zealand has many amazing helicopter excursions on offer. In Queenstown, you can take a helicopter up to the Southern Alps and enjoy a romantic picnic, hiking, or even golf on the top of a mountain. Hop over to the West Coast and you can heli up to a glacier, strap on some crampons, and hike on the surface! On the North Island, take a helicopter from Rotorua to White Island and enjoy a guided hike on the surface of an active volcano. It feels like you’re on a completely different planet.


This is one of our favorite New Zealand adventures! Descend into the seemingly bottomless black depths of the Waitomo Caves. Go black water tubing in the mind-blowing caves, taking leaps of faith over cascading waterfalls and floating serenely down an underground river. Look up to see the glowworm show on the vaulted limestone galleries up above. The illuminated cave ceiling looks like an incredible night sky!

Doubtful Sound

Escape to the peace and tranquillity of Doubtful Sound on a magical overnight cruise. Explore some of the fiord’s most stunning scenery and keep an eye out for dolphins, penguins, and fur seals! Pull into a sheltered cove for kayaking. In the evening, bask in the silence of your beautiful surroundings. The uninterrupted night sky will take your breath away! Doubtful Sound is less touristed than Milford Sound, so you’ll really feel like you’re immersed in nature.

Why Down Under Endeavours?

Down Under Endeavours was founded by an Australian, and for 18 years, we’ve helped travelers experience the magical South Pacific through the eyes of a local. With our firsthand knowledge and complete attention to detail, we’ll make sure you get a flawless, one-of-a-kind experience in New Zealand.

Customized Itineraries

We handcraft your New Zealand vacation to make sure it’s perfect for you. Get some inspiration from our sample itineraries, then partner with one of our New Zealand travel experts to customize your trip.

New Zealand Travel Experts

Our team travels regularly to New Zealand and beyond to discover the very best travel experiences, and we pass our intimate knowledge of the country on to you.

Hassle-Free Travel

Tell us what you want in your trip and we’ll take care of all the details. We also offer 24/7 in-country support while you travel. All you have to do is have fun!

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