Top New Year’s Eve Destinations

New Year’s Eve is one of the world’s biggest parties, celebrated by nearly ever country on earth. We at Down Under Endeavours love a good party and have gathered a few of our favorite destinations to help you plan your NYE travels.



Welcome to the most happenin’ party of the year. Sydney Harbour is the hottest spot to celebrate the New Year. Imagine the jaw-dropping views of the harbour while fireworks burst in the sky. Get a taste for what’s in store with this great time lapse video from our friends at City of Sydney.

Sydney’s not the only Aussie city that goes all out for New Year’s Eve, Melbourne is another great NYE destination.  Just check out the epic fireworks show they’ve got going on.

New Zealand


The first country in the world to see the sun each day, New Zealand is the first to welcome the New Year! Mt. Hakepa on Pitt Island is the first part of the country to see the sun, which means the East Cape of the North Island is the first part of the mainland to greet the new day. The best place to witness the glorious sunrise is the East Cape lighthouse, a top destination- there’s just one catch, it’s also a remote destination….not easy to get to, but so worth the effort!

South Africa


South Africa is one of our top New Year’s destinations. Cape Town and its surrounds have some of the hottest, most happening parties, concerts, feasts and so much more! Whether you’re ideal celebration spot is among the vines at a fabulous winery, in the majestic mountains, on the sandy beach, or surrounded by the buzz of the city, Cape Town has it all.



If you’re in Tahiti during the turn of the New Year make sure you go on a Tere Faati, a day tour around Papeete on a traditional bus. Take part in singing and the sounds of the ukulele while celebrating the New Year. Discover cultural and natural sites and enjoy a delicious traditional lunch. For more Tahitian travel inspiration check out sample itineraries here.



It’s never too early to start planning your 2016 Holiday Travel. Celebrate the New Year’s Eve in Fijian style. There are so many wonderful resorts to choose from, ask our Fiji Specialists about their favorite Fiji holiday and start planning your 2016 getaway. Learn more about our holiday travel special here.

Start planning your next holiday today! Give us a call and speak with our Travel Specialists today 312-951-8517, or check out our other unique and exciting destinations for a little more inspiration. What are you waiting for?