Pack Like A Pro!

G’day mates!  English Marie here, have you ever had some trouble with packing?  Maybe you’re an over-packer?  I used to be, until I started traveling more often- especially for quick weekend trips!  Or maybe you never really know what’s essential and always forget that one thing.  Well, my colleague has it down to a science, and wanted to share with you her three simple rules to pack like a pro.packing-blogpost-photo2

Small Liquids:

We all hear the cry ‘3-1-1.’  All liquids must be in containers of three ounces or less, placed in on single, quart-size bag, one per traveler.  As you’re most likely staying with friends or in a hotel, shampoo, conditioners, and body wash will be provided once you’re on the ground- so don’t worry about packing that.  If you’re staying in an island getaway resort, like qualia Resort at Hamilton Island or Lizard Island Resort, you are provided with island scents that smell so good you’ll want to bathe three times a day with them, so why lug around your American stuff?

Plus if you don’t properly wrap your large gels and liquids, they can burst in your bag when flying, which makes for a very big mess and an unnecessary laundry bill upon arrival.  Who needs hairspray, gel or creams when you’re in the islands or jumping off a cliff in New Zealand?  Your hair may frizz or lie flat on your head – but all one needs is a hair band or hair serum (fits in that carry-on bag! and voila- you’re all set to go!

As for the rest, everything comes travel size if you need it.  Pack your travel size toothpastes, face wash, contact solution, and perfume.


I mark my indispensable check list before I leave the house.

  • Passport – Check! You know you need this to get on the plane.
  • Credit cards – Check!  Credit card gets the best exchange rate, just make sure you call your bank prior to leaving the U.S. to ensure they don’t freeze your card!
  • Camera – Check!  The only memories one needs!


Here’s how to avoid being an over-packer:  Lay out everything you want to take on your bed.  Then cut it in half.  And then half it again.  It works.  You’re going someplace war?  Pack your swimmers, a few sundresses, flip flops, tank top, nightgown, a sweater, and a pair of jeans.  An athlete?  Pack a pair of running shoes and socks, shorts and a t-shirt for your morning run.  Planning a nice dinner out?  Spice up a sundress with strappy heels and with an accessory that you purchased during the trip!  And don’t forget enough underwear to last you the entire trip!

Finally, when abroad, you will inevitably want to purchase some souvenirs.  Make them something you can use on the trip.  Why not buy a necklace, hair clip, or a ring to spice up an outfit?  Or a sarong or cute sundress for the beach?  Or a sun hat or polo shirt from that awesome golf course you tried?  You’ll find yourself wearing your new stuff and yo won’t even dip into your suitcase.  If you’re a shopaholic, buy another carry-on bag for the flight home and then check it.

Now that you’re ready to pack like a pro, where can we send you off to?  Need some inspiration?  Click here and check out some of the amazing handcrafted itineraries we’ve put together!  Or give us a call today, 312-951-8517.