South Africa: “I Kept Waiting for a Glitch…”

First of all, the reason we chose you is that you called. I heard from 2 or 3 other travel agents by email, but they did not follow up. When you telephoned, I said to Harvey – “she’s the one.” Clearly you listened to us/put up with us and were very patient. You heard the types of places we like to stay, and how independent we wanted to be. I loved being independent. Everything worked like clockwork – all our vouchers were honored and all I had to do was to go to the next one in my voucher book and hand it to whomever. I kept waiting for a glitch, and there was not one!

So, in a nut shell, I want a travel agent that “gets me,” has been to where I want to go, can offer suggestions, specially if I have no clue, and who pushes us a little, as you did. There were times we kind of put the trip out of our minds, and you were very good at making us focus!

Sue & Harvey

5 out of 5
Down Under Endeavours