New Zealand and Tahiti: Zero Frustrations

We had an amazingly, magical trip! We wouldn’t have changed any of it. So first we have to say THANK YOU! We can’t thank you enough for everything. We loved the South Island, the locations were great, the drives were beautiful, and the activities were exactly what we were looking for. I’m sure we could have spent more time in several of the locations, but we didn’t feel rushed, or like we missed out on anything which was good.

We both loved Queenstown for numerous reasons, the Glacier Hike, and Glowworm Caves.

I don’t think there was anything we would have changed destination wise. The only thing I can think of is possibly adding an additional day at the islands just because there was a lot of time spent traveling between islands. We also loved every hotel we stayed in when on the islands. Everything lived up to our expectations which were high so that was great! Also, thank you SOOOOOO much for recommending the day room our last day. If we didn’t have that I think we would have been miserable at the airport because it was humid and a long wait.

Working with Down Under Endeavours was perfect. Everything was organized, and prepared for us so we didn’t have to think about anything. It was stress free, fun, and you really helped us book the exact trip we were looking for with ZERO frustrations.


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5 out of 5
Down Under Endeavours