Fiji: A Most Memorable and Enjoyable Vacation

Once again, thank you for all of the hard work and devotion to details with respect to our trip to Fiji.  It all seems like a dream now. So, let me give you some observations about our trip which may be helpful in your efforts to design holidays for other people… they may benefit from our experiences.

Flight from Hong Kong. Despite flying “cattle class,” Shirley and I were able to request and secure emergency exit seats. One thing we noticed was that a large number of the economy class passengers seemed to have brought their own food. Note for your clients — it is a super good idea to bring your own food if you are flying Pacific Air. Not only is the food on Air Pacific barely edible, but there isn’t much of it. Maybe because we were the only passengers headed to Taveuni or maybe because Island Hoppers had their fixed wing aircraft deployed elsewhere, we were treated to a stunningly beautiful, early morning helicopter ride. It really was breathtaking. The helicopter doesn’t travel as fast or as high as the commuter aircraft we used when we returned to Nadi. As a result, we had a much more “up close and personal” view of the landscape; the helicopter also had to stop to refuel, so it took us about two hours to get from Nadi to Taveuni.

Taveuni Palms. We have never had an experience like staying at Taveuni Palms (“TP”). There are just not enough superlatives to describe it. Our villa was immaculately taken care of, very nicely appointed, spacious, airy, comfortable to a fault…. The landscaping and care of the property was second to note. Honestly, we could have been very happy never leaving the villa. The bed was like heaven — once you get in, you never want to leave. For a couple used to moving at a frenetic Hong Kong pace, TP was an unreal experience. The food was excellently prepared and served; it was tasty and varied, the portions were neither too big nor too small. We loved the fresh fruit platters; loved the fresh fish and seafood; the baked food was fantastic — the worst part of every day was planning your next meal while you were still eating….but as I said, we wanted every experience to stretch and last longer….so we planned lunch while still eating breakfast and planned dinner while still eating lunch. It is a real tribute to TP that we did not become blimps! Then there was the personal care and attention — Sia, whose main job seemed to be to ensure that our every wish turned into reality, was like having your mother taking care of you.

The diving. Taveuni Ocean Sports, as you told us, was a very classy operation. I felt that my dearest was in very good hands and that Julie, the owner of the dive shop, really knew her business. It was clear to us that she put safety at the top of her priorities and that she was determined that divers would have a very good experience. Shirley wanted to see sharks, and she did! Anyway, seeing my wife’s excitement and pleasure with each of the dives made the whole trip worthwhile. Similarly, she found the dive masters to be satisfactory, but again, not up to the quality we have experienced in other countries.

Royal Davui. This resort was also very special — we loved our room, the huge bathtub, and the outdoor Jacuzzi. The setting was amazingly beautiful and the rooms were so nicely appointed and taken care of. I only wish we had gone to Royal Davui first, and Taveuni last…. The trouble was, after TP, everything else seemed a bit of a let down, nothing was quite as brilliant, nothing tasted quite as good, nothing looked as special.

The diving. Generally, this was disappointing. The problems were several. There were an insufficient number of dive masters which had the consequence of the resort sending divers of different levels out on the same dive. Obviously, the advanced diver suffers in such a situation. As my wife commonly dives at double that depth and is quite comfortable at the 40 to 50 meter depths, she was disappointed at being consigned to shallow dives. They did offer two wreck dives, which is something that Shirley loves doing.

John & ShirlyBee

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5 out of 5
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