Fiji: “You cared”

I contacted 10 local travel agencies and left a message on all of their machines. First, and one of the most important issues to me is customer service. I am going to be spending a lot of money with whomever and want to talk to somebody and not a machine. When others got back to me, they asked me questions on where I wanted to go, I told them “I don’t know this is why I am calling you. I have never done anything like this before.”

Next thing I know you contacted me, AND SEEMED TO GENUINELY CARE. This is just the one thing that hooked me. YOU CARED ENOUGH TO STAY IN TOUCH. You had us so pumped up about going on this adventure it didn’t matter what we spent. (Honestly I had 4-5 thousand dollars in mind. When this whole trip was over I had 12 thousand spent and had NO regrets.) You didn’t talk me into anything, you answered my question about where would be the most romantic place to go. FIJI. That is what it took for me. Your assurance and positive attitude and knowing what you were talking about along with telling me you were there and we would love it.

You inspired me to consider becoming a travel agent myself. You cared and were positive and knowledgeable. You followed up with everything. This is what it took for Christie and myself. Not everyone is as easy to get along with as Christie and I are, but having such a sense of caring will always help out. All of our adventures are being booked through you from now on (unless I go to work as a travel agent).


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5 out of 5
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