Best trip of our lives!

We had the best trip of our lives…truly a dream honeymoon to Australia and New Zealand that was the perfect destination for us. We felt like we spent the ideal amount of time in each of the destinations we visited (4 days in each) that allowed us to feel like we weren’t constantly travelling and we walked away feeling like we had seen/done all or most of what the island / city / town had to offer.

Of the tours we booked through Down Under (the helicopter ride to the great barrier reef, the Sydney Harbor Cruise, the Queenstown Wine Tasting Tour, the private guide and day long hike) we were incredibly pleased with each and every guide. They were fun, funny, interesting, timely and so knowledgeable and we genuinely enjoyed spending our days with them. Also, every single guide was so well informed of my food allergies which truly blew me away. It was a detail that put me so at ease and everything I ate on each activity was both safe and delicious. Each activity seemed to make our jaw drop at one point or another whether it was the views from the helicopter (the fact that qualia has it’s own helipad), the food on the wine tasting trip or sitting on the beautiful sundeck of the harbor cruise boat.


5 out of 5
Down Under Endeavours
Cassel L