Australia and New Zealand: “Everything Was Amazing” on this Honeymoon

Well Matt and I have returned to the States (unfortunately), and the honeymoon was amazing! We really wished we had more time there, and appreciate all the work you did to ensure we had a flawless honeymoon! Here are some of the things we loved:

All the flights were great, and it was nice having everything set and paid for in advance. Also, it was great having transportation determined and set in Melbourne and Sydney so we didn’t have to stress about getting to our hotels once we landed. Coromandel – In previous conversations, you had mentioned that this was off the beaten path and typically not explored by your clients. We loved the area! Of course we only saw Hahei and Pauanui, but we thoroughly enjoyed the sea kayaking and hot tub beach. Both Matt and I think the kayaking was our favorite part of the trip! It was a great way to start our journey through New Zealand! Kaikoura – The Hapuku Tree Houses were AMAZING! We were so unhappy that we were only staying there one night! When we walked in, we were greeted by name, and throughout our entire stay, we were treated wonderfully. Because it was during the middle of the week, they even upgraded us for free to one of the upper tree houses, and that was the icing on the cake. We had dinner at the lodge, and again, that was the best meal we had on the entire trip. The hospitality, generosity, and kindness were unmatched! Franz Josef Glacier – This was a great activity. Matt and I really enjoyed climbing the glacier and it was definitely an experience neither of us had ever had before. Besides the sea kayaking in Hahei, this was probably our next favorite activity.

Pretty much everything was amazing — the above is only the highlights. If we had to change some things, we might have changed: Melbourne – As much as we enjoyed the city, and though we did see my cousin while we were there, we maybe could have taken out one day there to add some where else. Rotorua – The same goes for Rotorua. Although we had fun with the Maori experience and the black water rafting, we perhaps could have taken a day from our stay there and put it elsewhere. Queenstown – We were blown away by Queenstown, and only wish that we were able to spend more time exploring the area.

Matt & Carly

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5 out of 5
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