Australia: Last Minute Trip, Avoided “Newbie’ Pitfalls

What are your overall comments on working with the company and the travel consultants?
I was very pressed for time in planning this trip as the opportunity to extend a last minute business trip came up unexpectedly. I knew generally where I wanted to go and what I wanted to see and how much I was comfortable spending. I was fortunate to discover Down Under Endeavours quite by accident and then engaged in a chat with you. I can’t say enough nice things about your staff and how easy they made the whole planning process. Your familiarity with the locations that I wanted to visit and ability to ask the right questions to understand what type of vacation I was seeking allowed you to make excellent recommendations for everything – accommodations, tours, flights and transfers. Because I was extending a business trip, I was traveling much ‘heavier’ than I typically do and the fact that you arranged for private transfers to and from the airport, where possible, really helped to reduce the stress level of the necessary travel logistics associated with visiting multiple locations on a compressed schedule. In addition, the tours that you arranged for me were perfect. They were smaller groups and allowed for the opportunity to get to know my fellow travelers. This was especially important to me as I was traveling alone on this adventure.

What advice would you give for future travelers?
Unless you have family or close friends in Australia who can help you plan your trip and avoid ‘newbee’ pitfalls, book your trip with Down Under Endeavours. Australia is not an inexpensive place to visit both from a time and monetary perspective. I am certain that I saved money and an incredible amount of time by engaging Down Under Endeavours to plan my trip for me. I would also recommend that if you have a choice as to when you visit Australia, that you try to do so when it isn’t the rainy season. Again, you forewarned me that it would be rainy where I was going and I was able to pack accordingly so as to be able to enjoy my vacation regardless of the weather.


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5 out of 5
Down Under Endeavours