Australia: Custom Luxury Family Trip

This travel agency, and our consultant Candice, were great to work with. We were not easy clients, constantly making changes, and she easily adapted. This was our first time using an Australia travel company and would not hesitate to use them or recommend them, especially for a custom trip to Australia.

There were several parts that were absolutely terrific. The best of which was the Sydney Bridge Climb. Even if one is afraid of heights, this is a “must do.” We did the twilight, up in the day and down in the night, it was great! Plenty of city light. It did rain a bit at the top, but that was not a problem, they provide rain gear. We also did the classic bike tour. That was a really great way to see a lot of Sydney quickly. We were really only able to spend 9 days on the ground and if we could do over again (and if we could have), might have spent a couple of extra days. We stayed in Adelaide only one night and did not get a whole lot out of it, but that was as much our doing as anything. Might have cut out the first night in Sydney and added a second in Adelaide so we could have done more. Would have liked to seen Melbourne as well. Again, due to our restrictions, would like to have done the Great Barrier. (They had it scheduled but that was one of the changes we had to make!) Would have also, with more time, done a wine tour.


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5 out of 5
Down Under Endeavours