Voyages Touring

Voyages offer experience-based holidays in spectacular wilderness locations, including Ayers Rock Resort in the iconic Red Centre. They offer getaways that people just can’t enjoy anywhere else: enriching experiences, incredible natural beauty, and a suite of activities and attractions that appeals to every traveller who’s seeking a new kind of adventure.

From Sounds of Silence Dinners to Aboriginal Experiences to our newest experience, Wintjiri Wiru. With the heart of Australia as the backdrop, a story passed on for thousands of generations, now passes to you. Witness the ancient Mala story re-told like never before with ground-breaking technology. Choreographed drones, lasers, and projections will take flight, lighting up the night sky in a modern, artistic expression of an ancient, Anangu story. Feel a powerful connection to country as you listen to a traditional Inma soundtrack and narration in the local Pitjantjatjara language, and immerse yourself in a living story.

Partner Information
  • Location: Uluru/Ayers Rock
  • Sounds of Silence
  • Tali Wiru
  • Desest Awakenings
  • Field of Light
  • Shared Tours
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