Sal Salis

Sal Salis is the ultimate “glamping” experience, designed to immerse guests in a spectacular and utterly unique natural environment: a tranquil stretch of beach where rugged outback meets the one and only Ningaloo Reef. The deluxe tents allow you to truly take in the sights and sounds around you while still enjoying key comforts like plush beds, a natural cooling system, and gourmet Australian cuisine. From the blissful comfort of your hammock, you can see kangaroos grazing or even spot humpback whales breaching in the ocean.

Sal Salis offers a chance to escape your day-to-day stress and reconnect with nature. Safari guides are on hand to walk you through the outback and share their intimate knowledge of the land with its unique flora and fauna. Each evening you’ll enjoy sundowner cocktails on the beach, soaking up the vibrant colors of the sunset while laughing and sharing stories with your intimate group of fellow guests.

Of course, the top attraction of Ningaloo Reef are the whale sharks that migrate through this colorful marine ecosystem each year. Ningaloo Reef is widely known as the best place in the world to swim with whale sharks. Sal Salis also offers the chance to swim with humpback whales in season, or view them from the comfort of camp.

Sal Salis is one of the most ecologically sensitive accommodations in Australia, using solar power, compost loos, and a carefully rationed water supply. Sal Salis does not offer traditional luxury, but rather an awe-inspiring experience you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Location: Ningaloo Reef, Australia
  • Type of Accommodation: Deluxe Eco-Camp
  • Comfort Level: First Class
  • All Inclusive
  • Deluxe Tented Accommodation
  • Remote Location Where Outback Meets Reef
  • Immersive Nature Experience
  • Swimming with Whale Sharks
  • Guided Outback Hikes
  • Wildlife Viewing
  • Snorkeling and Diving in Ningaloo Reef
  • Sea Kayaking
  • Swimming with Humpback Whales
  • Whale Watching from Camp
  • Evening Sundowners
  • Sunrise Hikes to Mandu Mandu Gorge
Starting at $10,599

Australian Luxury Vacation: Reef to Reef Adventure

Discover Australia’s most magnificent natural attractions in 5-star luxury. Begin your journey on a private island where you can explore the Great Barrier Reef with no one else in sight. Jet over to Ningaloo Reef to swim with the whale sharks, then indulge in an epic food and wine adventure in Margaret River.

Trip Type: Islands, Beaches & Reefs, Food and Wine, Spa & Relaxation, Wildlife & Wilderness