QuickSilver Group offers a wide variety of experiences at the Great Barrier Reef. For smaller groups, look to their SilverSwift, Poseidon or SilverSonic product. Have a group that some swimmers and non-swimmers, QuickSilver takes the group to a pontoon for different ways to interact with the Great Barrier Reef.

QuickSilver. For your experience of a lifetime, Quicksilver’s wavepiercing catamaran and friendly crew will take you to a reef at the very edge of Australia’s Continental Shelf, to an underwater world that is dazzling kaleidoscope of colour and brilliance. Agincourt Reef, a magnificent ribbon reef where you can experience first hand the magic that is the Great Barrier Reef. Choose to dive, snorkel, or stay dry and explore the stunning reef from the comfort of a Quicksilver semi-sub, just one meter underwater. Watch the fish feeding from Quicksilver’s unique underwater viewing platform and underwater observatory, or fly in a helicopter over the reef. Whichever way you choose, you’ll bring home a lifetime of memories from this living natural wonder.

SilverSonic and SilverSwift. We’re all about less people, more reef destinations, and a crew who knows the Reef like the locals they are. Our modern vessels are custom-designed and infused with over 40 years experience of Great Barrier Reef cruising to help you get the best out of your day. Choose from Cairns-based Silverswift, or Port Douglas-based Silversonic. Each visits a rich tapestry of World Heritage Great Barrier Reef sites. With either vessel, you’ll be aboard luxury with everything you need to experience the underwater world of exceptional diversity and colourful marine life in safety and comfort. Imagine entering a vibrant underwater kingdom teeming with exotic marine life. The SilverSonic and SilverSwift visit a rich tapestry of remote and exclusive World Heritage Great Barrier Reef sites at the renowned Agincourt ribbon reefs. With incredible coral formations and extreme biodiversity, this is quality diving and snorkelling.

Poseidon. Designed for personalised dive and snorkel adventures, Poseidon Outer Reef Cruises departs daily from Port Douglas to visit 3 different and unique reef environments. Our range of over 30 spectacular and exclusive reef sites at the Agincourt ribbon reefs and Escape Reef, enables us to offer some of the very best day boat diving. With clear outer reef waters, beautiful corals and incredible marine life diversity, the Agincourt ribbon reefs offer the opportunity to snorkel and dive in some of the most pristine and special places on the entire Great Barrier Reef. Enjoy unlimited snorkelling in this marine wilderness, first time divers can try an introductory scuba dive, and certified divers can experience up to three dives. Poseidon has limited passenger numbers to ensure personalised service and attention. Whether you choose to snorkel or dive, with an amazing array of quality reef sites, attentive and friendly crew, the comforts aboard and our special permit to swim with the Dwarf Minke Whales, Poseidon offers you the perfect setting to enjoy a day on the Great Barrier Reef.

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