Arkaba Station

Arkaba’s true luxury is delivered by the fact that its 60,000 acres are shared by just 10 guests, taking the definition of exclusivity to a new level in Australia.  Located in the ancient and awe-inspiring grand-scale landscape of the Flinders Ranges, Arkaba is a genuine blend of conservation and tourism.

Flanked by the strikingly beautiful Elder and Chase Ranges and Rawnsley Bluff, Arkaba is recognised one of the most beautiful outback properties in the country. Arkaba has an Aboriginal history going back thousands of years and a geological history that dates back hundreds of millions of years.

Partner Information
  • Location: Flinders Ranges
  • Type of Accommodation: Lodge
  • Comfort Level: Luxury
  • All-Inclusive Rates
  • Private, Panoramic Verandahs
  • Swimming Pool
  • 60,000 Acres Shared by 10 Guests
  • Personalized Service
  • Gourmet South Australian Food and Wine
Things to Do
  • Guided Bushwalking
  • 4WD Wildlife Safaris
  • Indigenous Cultural Experiences
  • 4-Day Arkaba Walk
  • Conservation Activities
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