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Ratings of Down Under Endeavours Service

Ratings of Down Under Endeavours Service
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There’s no rule stating that children studying abroad are the only ones who get to have all the fun of travel and experiencing a new culture. There’s a growing trend of parents and siblings vacationing in and around their student’s study abroad location. We offer customized itineraries for these families built to maximize your time, the location, and our specialized knowledge of the location… without a single youth hostel on the itinerary.

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We provide unique, rewarding experiences for families and their study abroad students

Having your child study abroad in a safe haven like Australia or New Zealand has become increasingly popular. Not only does your child get the amazing opportunity of international travel, they get to enhance their studies with unique educational experiences.

At Down Under Endeavours, we have perfected the art of a customized experience, one that is simply not found in a brochure or on a website. Many of our travel partners are friends we have made over the years. If someone wants to travel these countries and see it through the eyes of the locals, they will not be disappointed with Down Under Endeavours. No matter what the destination, our clients enjoy many unique and exclusive experiences.

Why study abroad families?

In our past experience, we have found that families have such memorable and meaningful experiences by visiting their study abroad student. We are passionate about travel and about all of the destinations that we feature; our goal is to expose as many people as possible to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, the Islands of Tahiti, and the Cook Islands. And we can’t think of a better way than exploring these destinations as a family.

Many of our clients have come to us and said, “I want to visit my son or daughter studying abroad for an Australia or New Zealand vacation.” They feel as it is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. As one traveler, Greg from Indiana, said, “I just told my wife, ‘If we are ever going to visit Australia in our lifetime, it is going to be now.’ This was our first international trip together (married 26 years) and I think my wife and I were just as excited about seeing our son after 3 months as visiting the country. When your son is off to college, you can go for weeks without seeing him, but there is a little more angst when they are on the other side of the world. Skype phone calls are nice, but it doesn’t let you really see his world. It was a great family time for us.”

Here’s how it works:

  • Once your child has secured their University program, pick the dates you want to visit. There is no such thing as planning too far ahead on this.
  • Contact DUE, and provide which University your child is studying at, along with how much time you will have for your trip, and how many people will go and what’s on your wish list of experiences.
  • Your luxury travel designer will map out a flow for you to meet your time frame and budget.
  • All arrangements are secured and once 100% solid, flights are ticketed.
  • During your travels you will have 24-hour local representative support for you to liaise with if you need any changes.

How much will it cost?

For 2 adult travelers, a good guideline for budgeting would be to have at least $8,000 in mind for a 2-week trip to a single country and $10,000 for 2 countries. (This is inclusive of airfare and land arrangements.) Find more information about our pricing here.