Don’t Take Our Word For It – Hear Directly From Our Clients


Alison planned a belated 40 birthday trip to New Zealand with her family and friends.  And has now postponed to 2021.

“Our group spans 8 decades, wine snobbery, Lord of the Rings fandom, adrenaline junkies and a collective desire to honor both the natural environment and the indigenous people who’ve stewarded it. No small feat to accommodate, even without a pandemic.  What we got with Down Under Endeavors was an itinerary that accommodated all of that and tree houses and dolphin swims. Each person got their bucket list vacation. Only now we get to do it together. “

Barbara and Tom

Barbara and Tom have traveled to New Zealand four times with us and are planning a trip for the FIFA World Cup in 2023.

“We’re already eyeing returning to New Zealand in conjunction with FIFA world cup in July 2023. Which *seems* like a long way off, but isn’t really, when you consider that New Zealand is a) a small country that fills up/gets sold out in the best of times — which we had to remind our guests of our 25th anniversary celebration there last year and  b) the pent up demand for travel after a year at home and acute awareness that “life’s too short” will only increase that demand! It’s a bit of a leap of faith, but working with a partner who has great relationships with vendors on the ground means you’re not on your own if you do have to change your plans (as we experienced during a scuttled Australia trip a few years ago.)”


Francia traveled with us to New Zealand with her family and was planning a return trip for 2020, now has postponed to 2021 or will do a first time trip to Rwanda in 2022.

“Down Under Endeavours takes care of everything, start to finish. Flights, visas, porters, transportation, lodges, restaurants, daily adventures, spa appointments, etc. Corinne pays attention to detail, is easy to work with and gets it right every time. For example, she arranged a private Maori Haka show, planned a beautiful anniversary party for my parents (complete with their wedding photos), and helped my nephew who went to the ER on Christmas day (by the way, New Zealand has amazing health care), arranged for my sister to return home early for a family emergency. The list of what Corinne does is endless. We will fly direct, most likely on Air New Zealand, and spend approximately two weeks. We always have Corinne purchase us travel insurance, and with the pandemic, it is really a no brainer. We love action and adventure, so if New Zealand doesn’t open up, our Plan B is gorilla trekking in Rwanda.”


Brady has traveled with us multiple times in the past and he is planning a return trip in the future.

“New Zealand is my top destination, post pandemic, even though I have been there a few times. Absolutely one of my favorite destinations as the scenery is unparalleled on this planet.  For me to travel in that post-pandemic world, I need a few things to happen.  First, we get closer to herd immunity (more people vaccinated).  More people vaccinated gets us all a step closer to a tipping point on travel fears.  Second, travel restrictions (including any pre & post quarantines) lifted. Companies like Down Under Endeavours will know this type of information directly from their sources on the ground there.  Finally, what I consider the most important, top-notch, full coverage travel insurance.  I’ve had to use that in the past and it’s critical to have a company like Down Under Endeavours that knows the details of how the insurance & coverage work in order to get the best policy.  Overall, travelers like myself want the fear of getting stuck somewhere as minimized as possible.  And in the event of that happening, the proper coverage to defray the costs.  But you also need the experts on how to navigate those events.  Down Under Endeavours and their years of knowledge, are highly important to guide you through those events, trust me on this one as I speak from a point of first hand knowledge.  There is an immense pent up demand waiting for travel to open again.  People are trying to plan trips 1-2 years out right now.  We need to know what destination will require from us (shots needed, documentation, medical records, etc).  As soon as the dust begins to settle on the amount of people vaccinated, the overall populous fear of new variants, and the government responses, we will hit that tipping point and there will be a wave of us ready to travel again.  I personally think that point is less than a year away but reassess often.  But I do see it on the horizon.”