Why Kenya?

For a different, and some might say, more authentic African safari experience, a visit to Kenya should definitely be on your list. I’m planning my trip for next year and I know that although I’ve been to South Africa, and will see most if not all of the same wildlife, the way in which I see it will vary drastically on the wide open plains of the Masai Mara, with thousands of animals on their annual migration.   Now if only I could find my own Denys Finch-Hatton to bring along…


Singita Explore, Grumeti, Serengeti, Tanzania. Agency HKLM. Art Director: Paul Henriques. Stylist/Producer: Janine Fourie. Photographer: Mark Williams. 10/02/12.

Even if you don’t travel during the Great Migration, you will still see the amazing wildlife and beautiful vistas of the Masai Mara and the iconic, umbrella-shaped acacia trees.


Giraffe Manor

Our own Shannon will be visiting east Africa this year and will have the pleasure of staying at Giraffe Manor in Nairobi prior to making her way to the Mara.   I love giraffe’s and can’t imagine the joy of seeing one of these beautiful creatures popping its head in my window!


great Migration

I’ve seen a few wildebeests, but to see the amazing magnitude of these creatures traversing across the plains will most certainly be awe-inspiring.


Saruni Samburu Culture

As part of a safari in Kenya, we strongly encourage our travelers to visit a local village in order to gain a better understanding and appreciation for the culture of these diverse and friendly people.


Ol Malo Laikipia Kenya

I know most people associate the massive herds of wildebeest with Kenya, but of course you’ll find plenty of other wildlife while out tracking, including majestic herds of elephants. I’m not sure you’ll catch me outside of the vehicle, though.



Another opportunity I’m looking forward to is spending time in a tented camp. Having stayed at a couple of amazing lodges, I’m eagerly anticipating the “glamping” experience of a tent to see how it differs from a lodge villa. One of our favourite properties is &Beyond Kichwa Tembo Tented Camp, located where river and forest meet the sweeping Masai plains.  http://www.andbeyond.com/kichwa-tembo-tented-camp/


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The diversity of wildlife in Kenya is truly awe-inspiring and a safari here is not to be missed. Check-out this amazing itinerary here: http://www.africaendeavours.com/packages/classic-kenyan-safari-vacation/