Facts about The Red Centre – Ayers Rock

Uluru or Ayers Rock, also known as The Red Centre, is a massive sandstone in the heart of the Northern Territory of Australia. With its fiery red color, Uluru is a sacred land for indigenous Australians and is thought to be 550 million years old. The formation is located within Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.

Traveling to Ayers Rock

Uluru seems to be located in the middle of Australia. It’s remote destination will make you feel as if you are riding into a scene out of Star Wars. Since Ayers Rock is quite far, traveling to the formation can be relatively expensive.

A multitude of airlines fly to and from the area, so let us help you decide which one works best with your budget and schedule.

When is the best time to go to Ayers Rock?

The best time to travel to Uluru is May through September.

Ayers Rock is located in the desert, so the climate is characterized by extremes: hot days and cold nights. It can be especially hot in the summer (December through February) which can lead to flies and pests. You can still travel during this time, but be cautious for higher temperatures during the middle of the day.

What to do at Ayers Rock

The team at Down Under Endeavours suggest 2 – 3 nights spent at Ayers Rock. The main attractions are Uluru, which you may have seen from pictures as the large red-toned rock formation, and Kata Tjuta, another rock formation also known as The Olgas.  Both formations are best seen at sunrise or sunset which can be experienced from the back of a camel, by foot, or even by 4WD adventures.

A favorite at the DUE offices is the Sounds of Silence or Tali Wiru dinner under the stars. Dinning under a canopy of stars in the red earth, you are set up at a Australian Buch Tucker table. Throughout your meal, you are listening to tales of the constellations from a local storyteller, a unique and memorable experience!

Other adventures include scenic flights, 4WD tours to Mt Connor, and indigenous cultural tours.

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